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Shadow Work Series- Letter #1

Dear Goddess,

While I seem like I've got all of this healing stuff together, I'm still on my own journey. I just own my gift which happens to be working with my shadow side as well as the shadow side of other humans. I have this strong ability see the parts of others that they don't want to own and help them own it and I also have this strong ability to perform shadow work on myself. I've learned through listening to the many stories of other women, that failing to do your own shadow work can really leave you worse off than you ever thought you could be. This is why I take doing shadow work VERY seriously.

Ignoring the things about yourself that you need to work on puts you in a space of being "unteachable" even to yourself. You will begin to lack the ability to self reflect and grow in the areas that can actually change your life. Y'all know I'm not really into the whole, "tell other women how to live" thing but I am into giving testimonies that spark change within the reader. With that being said, let's dive into some of the shadow work I've done within the past year and lets pay attention to how I pulled the light back out of those shadows.

This year doing shadow work taught me 3 major things about myself that I almost let hold me back.

  1. I AM AFRAID OF MY OWN POTENTIAL. - my dreams are SO BIG that often times, I think with a minimal mindset or I self sabotage my goals because subconsciously, I don't feel that I am deserving of these huge blessings. I'll downplay every gift I have and blame the fact that I haven't executed my wildest dreams on my struggle with my mental health and anxiety. Actively working on my shadow showed me however, that I am so worthy of my dreams its not even funny and it is my DUTY to make them happen. Every dream I have will take place, all I have to do is strategically plan my goals and stop rushing to the finish line. Which leads me to shadow number 2.

  2. I USED TO HAVE JEALOUSY ISSUES- my fight to beat everyone to the top ended up being the thing that held me back for a couple months this year. I was so focused on being seen as the girl who "did it first" that I wasn't putting the QUALITY into my work needed to make the impact I desired. I just wanted to be the first one to release a product. The first one to write the words everyone needs to read. The first one to heal the community. In turn, I would tap through my instagram story and find myself actually feeling jealous of other women who seemed to be beating me to the punch. After I did my shadow work however, I realized that I didn't even CARE about some of the things I was jealous of other women for. I literally didn't even have the desire to do some of the things I saw other women doing, I just saw them getting recognition for something and that jealous energy began to take over. I knew I had to do something about it because I honestly don't ever feel I'm in competition with anyone, its just that when it comes to this whole "holistic game", if you don't do your shadow work, you can find yourself feeling like you're in competition with people who actually aren't even in your lane. You won't be able to see that if you don't actively pay attention to yourself, your triggers, and your thoughts, which leads me right to point number 3.

  3. I AM ADDICTED TO SOCIAL MEDIA- I made a YouTube video about this one. I truly do feel as though I'm addicted to social media and its the reason why I even got distracted from my own personal goals for a little while. Before intentionally doing my shadow work, I would get up every day, do my business posts, and then mindlessly begin to scroll social media and begin the unhealthy habit of comparing myself to other women. This is sooooooooo unhealthy and something I really had to come to terms with. Now, I am very intentional about all of the time that I spend on my phone and I do not follow any accounts that do not inspire me so I don't have a reason to compare myself to anyone else. I have become comfortable with the lane I have placed myself in and I don't feel the need to keep up with anyone who does not benefit me in a positive way. Although I use social media for business, I will NOT make it my entire life. That is how you lose access to your own soul. That is why part of my mission now includes building a life OFFLINE.

I am going to keep this shadow work series going with this blog as well as my YouTube channel so stay subscribed to both ! You can find me on YouTube by simply typing in Imani Blaize.

I hope that this short build maybe spoke to you and encouraged you to take a look at your own shadows. They could be holding you back in life and who really needs that?

Sending love and light,

OG Goddess Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA