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A Shift In Consciousness

Peace Gang !

I know I KNOW , will you ever stay consistent with your blog posts OG? My answer is... maybe.

I truly am learning to go with the flow so I don't do things that I don't FEEL like doing. I haven't FELT like writing anything because I told ya'll I wasn't just writing things to write them anymore. If the message is only for me, then I'll put it in my journal. If the message is for someone else, then you'll get a blog, podcast, or YouTube video (as long as it lasts).

What's the message you ask?

Well for one, I want to thank you for not being one of those people who just taps past my posts and actually READS them. Something led you to this post and I call that something, your SOUL.

You see, your soul knows things that your body doesn't quite know, YET. Some of the thoughts that you have don't belong to you, those are just programs that you have downloaded but if you jump into full blown "learn yourself" mode, honey, SHIT WILL GET REAL.... in a good way.

The planet is experiencing a full blown shift and some people are going with the flow while MOST are resisting it. I'm learning right now that the people resisting the flow are supposed to resist the flow but coming to this reality has honestly been painful. Like really God? You mean I have to leave my



-material possessions


-EVERYTHING that used to make me happy

behind to get to my dreams?!

The answer is always YES when I ask and if you've been getting these downloads then listen to them. You are a chosen one and there is nothing that you can do about it besides go with the flow.

Let those people, places, and things go and LISTEN to your heart. You'll only be able to hear your heart when you sit still and you stop listening to the opinions of the people who no longer serve your soul. There may have been a time when your soul did need what one of the people you now have to let go had to give but at this current time, you've outgrown them.

If I'm being honest, no-one has really DONE anything to me, they just haven't really grown with me and there is nothing I can do about that. That's been the most depressing part about this journey right now. I want so badly to take some people with me but I cannot change the fact that they don't want to awaken. I speak about why we shouldn't trust the government, how covid-19 is a lie, how face masks are killing us, why we should create our own nation, etc, and most times I just get blank stares and non engagement. I don't take it personally, it's just a harsh reminder that I have to go where I am going ALONE. Everyone comes into consciousness at their own speed and some never do.

For an empath like myself, that is a HARD pill to swallow. Nonetheless, I will swallow it and deal with the symptoms of having to be real with myself.

If these words resonated with you, just know that you're on the right path. I'll see you in the new earth. If you don't know what I'm talking about and you actually want to know, just ask and I'll tell you. If you already know, then as I said with all of these words, STAY STRONG. We are almost there !

Sending love and light ,

OG Goddess Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA