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I know I know I know... you guys wanted me to post that video of me yelling at everyone about all of the things that they are doing wrong in this world but my guides and I are so close, that they pull me back right before I am about to jump off of the ledge to my own death. Sometimes I wanna pop my friends for allowing me to do dumb things but then I remember that they love me so much, they support me even when I am DEAD WRONG.

Let me just say this... OG Goddess Blaize is NEVER afraid to speak her mind, however, she knows how powerful her tongue is. For that matter alone, she must be very cautious about how she uses her words.

It's never the message, it's how you relay the message and although I strongly feel I have a message, I cannot taint the message just because I'm over emotional right now. I am a very self reflective person and I acknowledge my shadow side.

My shadow side is a sad little girl who always got popped in the mouth for speaking her mind so she grew up to be a loud mouth who has to make sure that she does her throat chakra work before utilizing physical voice. If she doesn't, she almost always loses the interest of others because she's too busy serving her ego through voice.

Although I am choosing not to release the video that you all were excited about , I did decide to still say the things I originally wanted to say. I really just don't believe that it serves anyone to be yelled at for 18 minutes, no matter how much love is behind the words. If I am going to make a change, I cannot push people away with my tone, they won't even listen to the message. So let me do some throat chakra work for a couple of weeks and I'll be back to using my physical voice. Until then, I'll still use my voice in the other ways that I find it easy to release. These ways include, writing, singing, and putting together dope visuals.

I still must ALWAYS give you this real and since I've been writing since I was 7 years old, I think writing is the best way to relay the message until my throat chakra isn't so pressed to "prove something".

I think that's why I am able to self reflect so easily. I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself , most high, and my ancestors. Everyone else can judge me for the rest of their days. Makes no real difference to me.

When my ancestors say STOP, DON'T, or WAIT. I halt in the middle of whatever I am doing and I do what they tell me to do. They told me to drive home the 3 main points of my video through my usual blogging technique and to save the need to be heard for after a few weeks of chakra work.


So.... I had 3 points that I was going heavy on in the video. I'll list and explain them briefly.


This society really has the nerve to believe that the people who have the ability to express their hurt and anger freely, are the crazy ones when it actually may be in reverse (I don't like calling anyone crazy). You see, a lot of folks believe that I am way too vocal on social media but I don't see it that way. I don't think that I am vocal enough if you ask me. It hasn't been normalized as a society to do things like , "cry on camera, talk about depression, or to let your followers in on the things going on in your world". That is what makes me OG Goddess Blaize.

I will give you the things that this society needs. This society needs the ability to FEEL again. We are so numb to pain that we truly lack the ability to feel others. Our favorite excuse is, "I'm going through my own things, " but that is SELFISH. As an unconditional lover of all, you should be more than happy to uplift the next human being regardless of your current situation. That ability comes when you work on your heart. People often wonder how I can give so much of myself in the middle of my own bullshit and it's simply because I exhibit unconditional love to all.

Even those slimy little snakes that bit me in the past get my undying love. If any of the people in my past were to be in danger, I'd still put my life in danger to save them. I still love SLITHER SALLIES TOO .. again, it's called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


I'm very frustrated with a lot of things going on in this world and just recently, my dog became paralyzed. If you know anything about OG Goddess Blaize by now, you'll know that she has pulled herself out of a VERY dark place quite a few times throughout her life. I don't wish to keep banging the suicidal point over the head but it is important to know the place I come from.

I come from a dark, dark, place and I pride myself on staying in the light. This is why my mental health dog being paralyzed right now took me off of my game. With my dog not being able to serve her purpose at the moment, I found myself confused about what to do with the frustration that lied within me. I do not like being angry, sad, or off balanced, so whenever I find myself being any of those things I run to find my peace. This is why you'll always catch me under somebody's tree just vibing out. I must stay grounded or OG Goddess Blaize will make an 18 minute long video yelling at ya'll about how ya'll can't feel when really, she's just angry as hell about the state of the world and wishes other people were too. Unfortunately, this society is so damn ... numb. Which brings me to the last point.


The highest vibration on this planet is LOVE. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The reason that this planet is in shambles right now is because most of us truly do not know how to love and what is even more scary, the ability to feel. I don't buy the excuse of , "i'm going through things right now so I can't be there for others, ". That literally means that you can only give love on certain conditions and that my dear reader, is a mental illness.

We are so numb to the fact that Black men and women are still being gunned down multiple times a day. Nobody even cares enough to do the hashtags anymore (not that they really did much anyway). And we literally can watch mass murder shootings like it's nothing. We are literally so numb to pain and it's the reason why people kill themselves every single day. They feel so alone in the pain they feel because society has made it a negative thing to speak your truth out loud. But worry not, I'm on a mission to make this world a better place for the ones who constantly have to crawl themselves out of dark spaces on their own because their friends and family cringe at their truth.

Last year, I wrote an entire letter about how I had been being molested, was suicidal, and just how all around shitty I felt. Do you think my family decided to lift me up in that moment? NOPE. They discussed me like a social studies topic and left me to tend to my own wounds ... in which I did. There's light in every darkness so I knew that I had to experience that kind of isolation to be able to speak on it in a powerful way.

I've been crying a lot lately. Not because I lost my job, or because my dog cannot walk right now, or because the boy I thought was coming to save me from my ridiculous habit of cooking for two turned out to be a jerk, but because of the state of this world. While folks are dying everyday, we are making tik toks and focusing on how we are going to get rich, myself included. I'm crying because I am ashamed of myself for not using the voice I have for the right things always. I sometimes speak on the things that don't even matter, when there are a lot of things that really do matter. It is a very sad reality to have to live in when you don't operate in selfishness and greed but live in a world that does. This is why I stay protected and do my best to keep my innerGEE balanced. This third eye sees things for what they are and until I can help more people open that third eye, I'll just have to strategically keep dropping these gems.

So I'm not sorry that I didn't keep my word this time. That video would have done nothing more than cause me to lose followers that I will one day help, and again... taint the message that I am trying to give to this world.

While I do my throat chakra work and prepare for my podcast, feel free to shoot me questions and keep up with the things that I am writing. It just isn't safe for me to open my mouth right now and I have to listen to my ancestors. They know EVERYTHING.

Sending Love and Light,

- OG Goddess Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA