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The Real War

Peace Gang!

Let's get active real quick as we dig into something I've been very apprehensive about bringing to the forefront and that is the war on medicine or should I say, around the medical field in general. Now before I get started I want to say this and be felt. I APPRECIATE every person in the medical field. You all went into the field with love in your heart and a passion for the lives of others and that in fact does make you the ultimate healer. With that being said, let me get back to the facts.

The fact of the matter is that the more people that stay sick, the more money this entire country has to stand on. The pharmaceutical industry LIVES off of sick people and this new pandemic going on is about to show you just what I mean. Between the conspiracy theories and the reality of billions these companies earn in profits, it is hard for an average citizen to not feel adversely towards these megalithic beasts. I honestly wish to work side by side with doctors one day as I learn more about being the medicine woman that I am.

You see, I don't care what anyone tells me. I know that whatever is wrong with me internally can be healed naturally and that is why I do not go to the doctor often. Key word, OFTEN. I am smart enough to know that the world I live in has left me open to things that my ancestors did not have to worry about so although the issue can be healed naturally, I still need to know what the issue is or a round about idea about what it is that I am trying to heal because thanks to the government and their experiments, we have all types of bullshit roaming the earth now. I say the same thing about mental health. I STAND for therapists, but I also stand for a spiritual journey that will wash all of those issues from your existence away. Anxiety and depression disorders didn't become a thing until someone named them. Before the feelings you had took a name, you probably were just as confused as I was when I learned the term "anxiety". When I learned the term I began to attach myself to it and run with it and that is never what you should do. It wasn't until I realized that holding onto anxiety and depression as my excuse for life was ultimately going to ruin my life, that I decided to take the journey to begin healing myself naturally, and most importantly, spiritually.

This is why I've found myself in a position where I have to fight for my spot in the healing industry. I've learned about fibroids and healed myself of them. I learned about depression and anxiety and committed to learning how to cope and eliminate triggers, spiritually, because they wanted me to be on actual drugs and I was not having it. Doctors, therapists, energy healers, yoga instructors, ect, are all inside of this industry. The problem is, once you stop talking about degrees people stop listening to you. But why? has always been my question.

Now that the entire WORLD is shut down and nobody's degree really means anything besides the nurses and the doctors, the masses need the medicine women of the world and their expertise. Now everyone is popping up selling HERBS and OILS because why ? They WORK.

So I've decided to take this time to walk in my power and WIN the war on medicine that has been around since before they started injecting BLACK PEOPLE FOR FUN. Shit.. that's why they wanna test POOR AFRICANS for the vaccine because the motherland doesn't even have the amount of cases that the rest of the world has. THAT SHOULD TELL US SOMETHING.

I will start suiting up for war by introducing 3 things that have kept me issue free for years that I know will keep you next to issue free is well. I think I've been sick once in the past 3 years. Those 3 items will be the herbal tea that I drink, the herbal supplements that I take, and the oil syrups that I take.

I am here to help you save yourself from this BULL SHIT scam called the medical field. They are needed yes, but those drugs that they are selling to fix you are NOT.

Get ready beloved. We are going to take them out of the game by taking care of ourselves WITHOUT using their drugs.

Sending Love and Light,

OG Goddess Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA