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Humble -- To Be or NOT to Be

Peace Goddess Gang !

It's been heavy on my heart to speak on the topic of being humble so I thought why not talk about it tonight on Let'sTalkTuesday. That's right ! Let'sTalkTuesday is BACK. Through trial and error I have realized that Sundays are not the best days for me to release blogs because I am usually self caring. In the name of selfcare, I will not be committing to releasing a blog EVERY Tuesday but on the Tuesdays that spirit wants me to speak. If spirit says speak 3 Tuesdays in a row then OG Blaize will get to typing.

Spirit wanted me to drop a few gems on being humble this Tuesday. Ya'll know that I only speak on things I've gone through so I will just say this... I have not always been humble. I actually went through a period of time where I literally said .. "FUCK BEING HUMBLE I'M THE SHIT AND I KNOW IT" so in order for me to become humble I had to actually go through a number of instances where I didn't feel as great about myself as I thought that I was. I'm starting to pay closer attention to the patterns in life and I've noticed that God (spirit) will usually humble you in the same few ways. Those ways include a loss, financial difficulty, or a MAJOR change in the plans that you had for yourself. Losses may include death, break ups, friendships ending, or sources of income being taken away.

Spirit wants you to know that if you are dealing with any of these issues, there is a LESSON in it all. For myself, when I went through each of those things on the list the lesson was needing to humble myself. I walked around looking down on people who didn't work for what they had, laughed at people when karma came to their lives, and the energy that I was giving off simply said , "I AM BETTER THAN YOU". God had finally gotten tired of my shit and got to speaking my language.. HARD TIMES.

For me, when hard times hit, that's when I focus and become a student so that I can fix the problems I created. When I lost my job, my boyfriend, my best friend, my family , and my business I was only left with myself, God, and the rest of my spirit guides. It was then that nothing was going on around me so I was able to really listen to what spirit had been trying to tell me.

I am a brown girl from the hood who graduated college, pays her own bills, and signs her own checks. For that matter in itself I DESERVE to walk around with a chip on my shoulder but that does NOT mean that I should actually THINK I am better than anyone. It wasn't until I learned that lesson that God gave me back the things that light my already amazing life up. I'm back to thriving in business, I have sisters to talk to when I need to, my family and I have begun healing, and I've fallen so in love with myself that I really am okay with waiting for Mr. Right.

I say all of this to say that if you're walking around subconsciously thinking that you are better than the next person because you live your life differently, God is going to eventually humble you. If you would rather not have to go through a series of extremely hard lessons then I would suggest you say these words tonight.

[Most high,

I come to you with a humble heart and ask you to help ground me in the ways that will help me to shine the light that you have given me. I ask that you make clear to me the areas in my life where I am not practicing unconditional love and I ask that you kill my ego. Please grant me the strength to deal with any lesson that you feel I should learn if I must learn the hard way ].

This will do two things, it will let the Universe know what kind of energy you are putting out as well as what energy to give back to you. I hope that I didn't keep you too long. Catch you the next Tuesday that Spirit says speak.

Sending Love and Light,

Imani Blaize | Owner | SimplySoulSistas


Charlotte, NC, USA