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Dear Goddess Podcast - Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

November 4, 2019






Ever found yourself feeling really lonely even while surrounded by friends ? This could be because you're still forcing interactions. In today's society a lot of our relationships have become codependent on the ability to cater to an unspoken need to be and feel loved. As a result, one may simply take any form of love that is thrown at them, even if it does not speak to their soul. This first episode talks briefly about how your vibe can attract your tribe and the listener is encouraged to walk in their authentic truth in order to find the tribe that fits them. Everyone will not match your energy or like what you have to bring to the table however your soul family WILL. 


On today's episode we encourage you to let go of the people who no longer serve your higher purpose so that you may make room for the ones that do. The universe has to believe that you're being yourself, otherwise you'll just have to live a lie for the rest of your life, entertaining people you don't even actually like. Everyone has a soul family on planet earth and the only way to find that family is to be yourself unapologetically. When you do this your soul family will begin to gravitate towards you naturally and you will find yourself doing absolutely nothing but thanking your higher power for these new, amazing, people who speak to your soul. 


Your vibe will ALWAYS attract your tribe, so remember to ALWAYS vibrate, high, real, and true to yourself.


Love and Light, 


Imani Blaize 

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