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Peace of Mind Will Save You

Peace Goddess,

Today I want to talk to you about the pain you're in. I know that a lot of the women who read my posts are going through some sort of storm and I want you to know that even though it feels like you can't get through it, you most definitely can and will. I know that things seem like you'll be stuck here but I have wonderful news. If you commit to finding your peace of mind, you'll be healing in no time! As a woman who has had to learn how to find her peace I now understand how much power lies within peace. You know I'm personal, so let's chat. 

There was a time in life when all I knew was chaos. It was my storyline. "So and so hurt me, so and so said this about me, so and so is the reason I am this way", "I'm broke, I'll never succeed", the list goes on and on. I didn't realize that the entire time I was focusing on the chaos around me I was actually manifesting more and more chaos. You can't control the everyday motion of life but you can control the everyday thoughts inside of your head. This is when you should be choosing to utilize the power of your mind and the power of finding peace within. 

Your peace of mind will help you to say , "this hurts but this does not define my reality, I choose peace ", and actually mean it. After attempting to take my own life from being so overwhelmed with the chaos that I allowed to become my life, I begged my higher power to grant me with the gift of peace of mind. When I did this it doesn't mean I was not sad or overwhelmed, but I gained a level of understanding that only peace of mind gives you. 

We are all so focused on getting money, achieving our dreams, and being accepted that we forget to focus on the one thing that will grant us all of these things. Peace of mind gives you the power to walk in a state of abundance so that you don't even worry about how you're going to get money. Peace of mind allows you to take a break from your worrying long enough to focus on doing the work that will grant you your dreams. Peace of mind allows you to not overthink your decision to speak your mind if it will give you peace. 

A Goddess knows when to speak, when to move, and when to be silent. If you feel like you are in hell or going through it, that means now is your time to speak the truth about what you are feeling so that you may sit with those feelings. Your next step will be to move away from those feelings and silence the negative self talk you have been putting behind your feelings. Ask God, Jah, Jehova, or whatever it is you call your higher power for peace of mind and watch just how quickly the rest of your life will just begin to flow. What would trying hurt anyway? You're already hurting right? 

Sending Love & Light, 

Imani Blaize 


Charlotte, NC, USA