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The Baptism

She didn’t get here over night. She told anyone who’d listen how sad she was yet they all were so focused on themselves they didn’t see the signs. They saw her as a “drama queen” and they ignored every single one of her cries for help. The Instagram rants. The subliminal posts. The lost spark in her eyes. The only thing keeping her from going all the way was the cry from her man when she told him she wanted to do it and then he left and there was nothing more to live for her in her eyes. In her eyes blinded by fear, depression, and anxiety, no friend loved her for who she was. No family loved her for who she was. NoBODY could ever love her for who she was. She wanted to be with the only one who loved her for who she was ... GOD. She also knew how powerful she was but was so weak that she could no longer rely on herself and so she said to God , 🙏🏾 “I need you more than I’ve ever needed you before. Nobody knows the pain  except for you and I’m going to do it. I know that when I’m gone they’ll listen but I ask that if you want me here to do your work, if you save me, resurrect me as a new woman ready and willing to go to battle in the name of your work”.🙏🏾. . . She then punctured her skin with the knife and as the water turned pink somehow she knew it wasn’t going to work as she heard God speak and say, “God’s child ain’t goin like that. No, not IMANI which means faith. Not Imani who I chose to set this world on fire with the power and reality of my love. Not Imani. No... Imani will rise as the GODdess Black woman that she is. Bathe in my blood sweet child because the time has come. You are ready”... . . And so she vowed to never fall again unless it was in God’s love. Ase ✨. . #suicidepreventionmonth #suicideprevention 


Charlotte, NC, USA