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Self Care or Selfish ?

Ya'll know I'm coming with the real tea so before you get to stirring, know that this tea MIGHT just be too hot for you .

I want to talk on this SUNday about finding a balance between self care and being selfish. Selfish ? What you mean selfish sis?

You read that... SELFISH.

Selfish is forgetting about what our ancestors did for us. You think they died for you to choose distractions over your mission? African woman ( YES you are African) you don't have time to be distracted when as the GODdess black woman, you have a job to do. The world goes no higher than you and I sis, do you want your offspring to live in the world we live in right now?

We have NOTHING sis. We have nobody to look up to besides JAY Z AND BEYONCE when it comes to generational wealth. We have nobody to buy our medicine from because pharmaceuticals have the monopoly we allowed them to obtain. We have nobody to go to for our children's clothes unless one of our friends just happens to know a black owned business offering such. We don't even control our OWN beauty market.

WE HAVE WORK TO DO SIS and the reason you're feeling so much pressure is because the ancestors are talking to you. They are tired of you pushing back that project, blaming everything on your mental health, and prolonging financial freedom.

The issue is, we walk around here thinking and acting like we are free and although we are, we aren't. For most of us, if we lost our job tomorrow we would solely depend on the ability to find another one in order to survive but do you realize what that means? That means that if you aren't working for yourself you're most likely working for your oppressor who KNOWS you need him right now to survive.

That's what our ancestors died for. They died for you to have the opportunity to not need MASSAS SCRAPS. You don't need shit from massa but you can definitely use massa's tools against him.

That's why education is key. I don't need my oppressor but I need to know everything about what my oppressor has done to me so that I can free myself of the mental chains and then free my sisters, who will then free our men, because everything starts with YOU black wombman !

So, when do you get real and say to yourself, "it's time to go harder for my dreams to free myself". When do you get real with the fact that you're so busy focusing on the distractions that you actually have convinced yourself that you can take "breaks" when working hard?

You take a break when you've MADE A BREAK.

You reward yourself with breaks after you've crushed certain goals but you do not just tap out of your goals because a self care page told you you'll burn out if you don't. Maybe you will burn out, but OH WELL. Our ancestors were beaten, raped, and killed for you to be here. YOU WILL NOT LET THAT BE IN VAIN.

So sis, on this self care sunday, do your face mask, dance, sing your songs, and remember, that's just self love. When you're done though, send those emails, outline that paper, and set the rest of your week up for a successful week of NO EXCUSES. Cry, but KEEP GOING. How dare you have the ancestors turning in their graves sis ! Rise.

Sending Love & Light,

Imani Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA