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Happy Hump Day ! I was going to do a super long picture caption for you but y’all only read those in the moment it seems and some of you might be at work without the ability to take this in right this very second. No worries. That’s what this space is for. Let’s think for a second about what’s wrong today and let’s try to entertain the idea that whatever is wrong, isn’t even your reality. Need help making sense?.... you know I got you. Let’s go through a few possible “today is a shitty day” reasons, and let’s think about the REAL reason you’re in a slump today. 1. You can’t pay your bills on time - is it the fact that you can’t pay your bill on time that’s making you mad, or is it the fact that you’ve been here before? Is it really the bill or is it a deeper issue that the current bill gets to be the place holder for?Think about it.

2. You’re at odds with someone- now chances are, that person really does have you messed up. They probably do owe you an apology. They probably did betray you. But let’s look deeper into why you see this as a problem. Real peace and clarity on a situation gives you the ability to not even see this as a problem when you look at the real problem.... YOU. So why could it possibly be such an issue that you and so and so aren’t cool anymore ? Hmmmm... codependency ? Anxious attachment style? Low self esteem ? Why can’t you just blow it off the same way they seem to ?

3. Work Performance- is your boss really being an ass or do you lack work ethic ? Do you walk around feeling entitled to extra long lunch breaks you didn’t clock out for ? Continuously being late even though you know the rules ? Not really doing your job because you’re focused on outside of work related issues ? What I’m really trying to say today is that in order to shift your focus from ,”this is a shitty day” to ,” I need to shift my attitude” , you’ll need to stop blaming everyone and everything for a lot of the things that are internal issues you need to handle. I challenge you today to take a look at that problem and then take a look at yourself. If you’re in the stage where you are open to personal development, you’ll be able to see that your issues lie within you and it’s time to do some surgery. Self healing is not just for people with mental health issues. It’s for everyone because EVERYONE is shaped by some sort of circumstance outside of themselves. The only way to stay on top of this so that you don’t drown in self loath and continue to blow your life up blindly, is to go inward and study yourself. Start with therapy, learn the issue, study the issue, overcome the issue. I know sis, it's simply said, but TERRIBLY hard to execute. Remember though, that’s why I’m here. To break my own generational curses, heal, and show others how to do the same. You’re amazing. I’m amazing. We just got some tweaking to do so that we can be the BEST us. Sending Love & Light, Imani Blaize 💛


Charlotte, NC, USA