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Don’t Let Me Down Again

So a few weeks ago I was on my story talking about women who choose to wear hair weaves and got a lot of back lash. The old me would have deleted my posts and took back what I said so that people would like me but the new me said ...”fuck it, say what you feel you need to say!” So here’s the rest of what I needed to say ... I completely understand wearing weave to protect your hair but I don’t understand wearing weave to feel beautiful. Someone reading this is going to say they don’t fit into the “insecurities” category but if you wear weave more than you wear your own hair, you’re not protecting anything besides your ego. It’s a tough pill to swallow yes, but Black women have got to stop lying to themselves. The truth is more black women internally hate themselves and I’m not reaching by saying this. If what I’m saying wasn’t true , the beauty industry wouldn’t be as big as it is today. If Black women were in the habit of wearing their own hair, beauty supply stores would have nobody to sell to because black women are the ones running there for quick weave supplies on a Sunday, nobody else. I was standing in line at the beauty supply store (it was last min & I needed lashes chill I still don’t support them) and I was listening to my sister behind me about to have an anxiety attack because her hair stylist bailed on her. “What am I gone do ? I can’t wear this wig till you bleach the knots!”, she yelled. I wanted to turn around and say two things. 1, “please stop yelling about this in line, it’s just embarrassingly rude” but 2, “you could just wear YOUR hair”. I didn’t say anything of course because I’m learning that I can only be my level of honest with a certain kind of person and it was obvious that she wasn’t that person. That small incident led me back to today’s post topic. When you make the decision to cover your crown every 2-3 weeks with a new “protective style” you’re letting the little black girl in you that wanted to be set free down. The little black girl in you doesn’t want to keep being told she’s not beautiful but you just KEEP putting these closures, frontals, weaves, and wigs on and you just refuse to embrace the fact that you’re beautiful naturally. They did a doozy on us as black women. I can say that not just because I have locs now, but because before I did get locs I was the girl constantly covering up her 4c in the back, 3b in the middle, & 3c in the front crown of curls with weaves and I said I was protective styling but really all I was doing was stunting my own growth physically & mentally. The protective styles weren’t even growing my hair as quickly as they could have because I was covering my hair TOOOOO much ! Yes, there is a TOO MUCH. Protective styling should be done in between one month breaks if you’re going to do them. That means 1 month protect your crown, next month set it free, repeat. If you can’t do that because you don’t see wearing your own hair as an option because it doesn’t seem done, you really have to do some soul searching sis. Who wants to secure their wig every time they are supposed to have guests. Don’t you wanna stop complaining about our black men going to date sally? They might leave sally be if we healed ourselves and let them play in OUR damn hair. Embrace yourself sis, cuz if none of these enhancements existed tomorrow, what would you do ? Sending Love & Light💛 

Imani Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA