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"Ya'll Know I Only Say This Cuz I'm Truly Genuine" *Lauryn Hill voice*

I've noticed a lot of "conscious cuties" popping up on my timeline and although it's a beautiful thing to see, I have to keep it real and say... it kinda makes me cringe. 

You see, you can't just go picking up sage sticks, YouTubing natural product recipes, taking a few pictures yoga posing, and talking in this soft voice and call that "peace". 

A spiritual journey is just that, a JOURNEY. That means you don't just wake up after a day of chakra balancing and suddenly become the poster woman for sunflowers and WOMBanism. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK SIS. If there is something truly wrong in your life, your focus should be on healing from these things instead of trying to convince the world that you are someone you have not actually become yet. Focus on the last part of the last sentence, "YOU HAVE NOT BECOME YET".

If you want everyone to see you as a "healer", you must first heal yourself. This is something I've learned with my own spiritual journey. I started making my own natural products in college when I was broke and got tired of stealing products out of Walmart (judge me not, till you know the struggle). From there my passion for it expanded and now I have SimplySoulSistas . I didn't realize my vision for this business would grow to the capacity that it has until I made the commitment to actually do the work internally on myself. 

For the longest I would just post pictures on my yoga mat acting like I was practicing yoga & burn sage every once in awhile but not religiously. I didn't really know much about stones yet I was posting them and dare I say it, giving ADVICE on how to use them ! It was not until I was faced with hard times in life that I did not see coming, that I had no choice but to begin actively practicing what I was preaching. Then and only then, was I able to truly benefit from living a holistic lifestyle. Yes, I don't eat meat, almost everything in my household is natural (yep, even my laundry detergent),I carry my stones with me daily, and I utilize sage, but that is not all that helps me navigate this crazy world. 

I'm also in therapy, I read regularly, nature is my best friend, and I am very self aware of all of the things STILL wrong with me. Like I said, a spiritual journey is just that, a journey. I still get EXTREMELY angry at things I look back on 2 hours later and think "you didn't have to do all that", & I still have to heal my broken family but these are things that will only come from continuing to walk my journey with genuine intent. 

  So if you've just tapped into holistic living, I wouldn't jump all the way in and start putting labels on yourself just yet. Peace Warrior Princess sounds cool and all but lets become her first, then we can talk about branding yourself. How can you even brand yourself if you don't know yourself? This is a tip for all entrepreneurs out there. Make sure that the business endeavor you have taken on reflects who you are as an individual, it's the only way you'll pour your heart and soul into what you do. 

After years of just using my yoga mat to meditate, I'm actually going to begin expanding that usage. I've signed up for beginners yoga classes and I am extremely excited for this new journey. I've always admired those women doing amazing things with their bodies and I am ready to blow my mind with the things I never thought I'd be able to do. I have a love hate relationship with myself and my own abilities. Something I hope to one day overcome which is another reason for my new goal. My yoga journey is going to be proof to myself that I CAN actually do anything I set my mind to. Some people reading this would would wonder how I don't already know that being that I've graduated college and I run a thriving business but for some reason, it hasn't quite clicked for me. 

I pray that you didn't read my words and take it as an attack but really take the time to reflect on them. Doing the work internally is VITAL before starting anything in your life. If your mind is not right, how on earth could you possibly expect to have a truly fulfilled life? 

Sending Love &  Light, 

Imani Blaize 


Charlotte, NC, USA