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Protective Styling with Jametta 👑

Hey Sistas! The most important part of a PROTECTIVE style, is to protect your natural hair. I love a crochet because its very low maintenance AND makes it very easy to care for your scalp. I follow these steps to maintain this super easy protective style!

1. Oil and massage your scalp FREQUENTLY. This prevents a dry, itchy scalp and helps nourish your roots. 2. If you have a leave out, be sure to water and moisturize your natural hair to help blend the textures and prevent breakage. 3. Trim away any extreme tangles or matting to give the crochet a natural finish. Swipe to see what products I use to help me maintain this crochet! Be sure to check out a more detailed video on this style @_jamsjourney on instagram ! -Soul Sista Jametta 🌻


Charlotte, NC, USA