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Them: “Can you take your foot off my neck ?” | Me: “ HELL NO”.

Hey there reader! Long time no tea. I’ve been dealing with some thangs which is why I have not been able to write. I write what is on my mind and for the past few months I have had nothing but angry, bitter, negative thoughts to share and who the heck wants to read that ? What’s been wrong Mani you ask? LIFE. It’s like every time life doesn’t go the way I planned it I shut down and go into this depressive coma for weeks, sometimes months. It really sucks and it ain’t cute but it’s what I’m dealing with and working to get a hold of one day. As everyone knows now, bc my bitter ass can’t stop talking about it, I lost my business partner and BOY has it been an adjustment because I didn't just lose a partner, I lost someone who I thought was my best friend.... AGAIN. It's all just been rough for my emotional ass from dealing with orders on my own, to learning how to be confident in running this business on my own again, to accepting betrayal for what it is. Betrayal? What are you talking about Imani ? Welp, my partner not only dropped me as a partner and friend but she took everything I bought to the table and ran with it. She created a business that mirrors SimplySoulSistas and let me tell y’all something, her platform is AMAZING. That’s what makes things so hard to deal with. I wouldn’t care if it was shitty but the girl is creative as hell and even through she’s thrown a twist to it, she’s giving me competition. The ONE thing I said SimplySoulSistas didn’t believe in. All of the little ideas we had, she’s executing and to make matters worse, sis doesn’t see a problem with it. Going as far as to drive HOURS just to bring her brand to the city I live in. I mean seriously? It’s bad enough you’ve taken my hustle, you wanna take over my city too ? Sheeesh ! How do you steal your best friend’s hustle and not even talk to her about it? That’s something I just haven’t been able to come to terms with. This post is not to be a bitter Betty bc I’m tired of being angry but it’s to explain the reason why I’m stepping on necks going forward in EVERY WAY. I’m not going to be but so humble anymore. This situation here shows me how influential of a person I am. So ex partner, if you’re snooping and reading this as you snoop on my business page to steal more ideas from me, read this ... think you can do ME better than ME? Think again. Now please don’t think that I’m saying other women out there can’t have a skin care business that uplifts women, but come on, let’s be real. If your best friend is doing something that you want to do, you should probably talk to her first before creating unnecessary competition. So that’s the reason I’ve been in such a funk. I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around that level of back stabbing and I JUST got to the point where the pain turned from bitterness to blessings. I’ve cried and cried and cried and cried some more and I know everyone around me is just like “GET OVER IT!” but it’s hard because this isn’t the first time I’ve been spit on by someone I’ve been nothing but good to. But hey, .... LIFE 😂 I am so thankful for the women who have been keeping me uplifted throughout my coping. I almossssssst gave up and handed my dream over to shorty because she was getting so much support. I lost over 100 followers because they went to join her and it was so hard for me to not say fuck this. I’m thankful for my faith because ONLY my faith has given me the strength to get my numbers back up, get back in the kitchen, and get back to what IMANI BLAIZE started. Every time you scroll you’re going to see SimplySoulSistas so ya might wanna block me if you don’t wanna see the crown being raised. I’m done with my rant for now and I finally feel better. I have been feeling crappy bc if I don’t express my feelings out loud and feel HEARD my anxiety causes me to keep overthinking and reacting and that’s what I’ve been doing for the longest. I didn’t use my platform for what I created it for and for that I am sorry. I am sorry I didn’t tell you guys what was really going on and I’m sorry I tried to sweeten things as I covered up the fact that I let a snake bite me... AGAIN. Pray for me, I’m very emotional and some days I feel unstoppable but other days someone will post her and I can feel the anger in my stomach begin to rise. That tells me I’m not over this and that I haven’t fully healed. That’s all I want now, to heal. I love you, Imani Blaize  


Charlotte, NC, USA