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Life and Philosphy

When I use to hear the word “Philosophy” immediately the image of an old college professor sitting in his class room preaching came to mind. The word always intrigued me into wanting to know more. The actual definition of Philosophy is ‘a way of thinking about the world’, then I realized that each person lived by their own philosophy. Some similar to others and some live by the polar opposite. Our parents and their parent’s parents are a part of our philosophy along with our teachers, preachers and friends. The environment that we grew up in and paid close attention to molded our minds as well.

A huge part of our society grew up under similar philosophies within the same religious groups. I personally grew up in the “Black Christian” mindset and most of my life has been heavily influenced. The way I speak, treat and move around this world has a lot to do with the things I was taught from the bible along with morals and values passed down from my ancestors. The way the world operates is very unique, everyday something is forcing us to think outside the normal and do things that would normally be casted out by society. There was a moment where I started to crave more information about life and how it works. I began to question everything I was taught from my parents, to the schools even to the information I have previously learned. This led me to discovering and learning about different religions from all over the world. At first it was a open ended search for feeling “fulfillment” or “finding my place in the world” , eventually it led to an everlasting quest for knowledge. I began to realize that with it being over 1,000 religions and beliefs in this world there was no way that only one of these philosophies were meant to fit every single person on this earth (including those never discovered tribes across the globe on islands we never even knew of).

I started to ask questions like “How would that be fair to them if they have no clue of who Jesus is?

How will they be saved if they don’t know how?” I also started to notice the many similarities in every religion the only difference was the culture beliefs but for the most part they were all sharing the same message. With 5+ billion different souls on this earth it made sense on how things could get interpreted differently per person.

I then started to question why did we need these books and old rules?

How were they benefiting me by following a belief? I found a few things interesting. The first thing is that humans operate best with rules because they believe it will keep them safe and the second is that we all just want answers to these questions that most beliefs provide answers to.

Who are we? We know scientist use the word “human” to describe us but do we honestly know exactly what we are? What really controls our mind, where do thoughts come from etc…

What are we doing here on this earth at this particular time and place?

What is our goal?

Are we living just live like a SIMS game?

Are we here for a greater purpose? Are we science experiments?

Are we angels?

There are literally a thousand different possibilities.

When did everything start?

When did we get here?

What was the world like “b.c”? Where do we go after living here on this earth?

Heaven or Hell?

Another dimension?

Do we reincarnate?

Do we just turn into dust in black hole?

People literally live their whole lives afraid of this, preparing for this and create morals to make sure they do not go to a scary place. Some people focus on not dying so much they forget to live. How did the first human get here? We all know about the big bang, we all know that it started by light. Honestly who was here in the beginning to honestly tell us (this can be scary)

These are heavy questions to ask, some are afraid of the answers. The truth is not one person on this earth can tell us the answer to any of this period. Honestly we all are just hoping that our beliefs are true and that we get to have a good “after earth life” where we are in peace eternally. This is why it’s more important to listen to learn than to listen to debate. With this being said it is perfectly ok to make up your own philosophy in life, because it's what everyone is doing anyways. How many of us know two people who follow the same religion but are totally opposites when it comes to morals? Remember each person you meet came from their own very unique environment special to their own lives and they have created their own philosophy on what’s right and wrong. Our place is not to judge if what they believe is the universal truth but it’s to learn more about the world and yourself. The next time you find yourself in a conversation with someone who thinks differently than you try to understand the full context, do not argue but find a common place.


Charlotte, NC, USA