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Wise words from a DREAM CHASER ⭐️

Sometimes a dream can feel like just that, far away, unreal, impossible. But I believe that dreams and aspirations were placed inside of you for the greater good. I believe that the desires of your heart are inevitable and there is a reason why you were chosen to want what you want. Maybe there is something, or someone that needs you to dream, chase it and fulfill your destiny. Maybe your dream is meant to encourage, or make way for others. If we think of dreams like this, we would be doing a disservice to our creator, others and ourselves by not following our dreams. Dreams are pieces of our destiny. Now lets talk reality; dreams are never easy. The bigger we dream, the more obstacles we face, the more haters we encounter and the more discouraged we get. The bigger we dream, the more money it takes, the more time we spend working, the more people we have to compete against. In college I decided to go after my dream and change my major to theater (you know, the major everyone tells people not to major in). Long story short; I had to do an extra year in order to graduate. In my last year, I got pregnant! I graduated; only to find out there aren’t even any TV shows filming in the state I lived in. Why ain’t nobody tell me that?! I look at my resume and I am proud. I’ve been in 10 projects in the past two years. Then, I look through my email and I ask myself, how the hell do I kept going?! I’ve been on about 300 auditions in those same two years! When we talk about numbers, the quantity of my rewards sound lower than the work I have put it. But they are not, because the qualities of my experiences are indescribable. As a single mother, I quit my job to pursue acting. I had a mouth to feed, but I also had this burning desire to act. I heard a lot of no’s and sometimes people never even got back to me. Fast forward three years, I have my own place in Los Angles, I am member of the SAG actors guild, I am a series regular on an amazon TV show and I have just retired my mother from her job. I can say my dreams are actually coming true. What if I would have ignored that desire? What if I would have chosen a “safe” major? What if I let being a mother, doing an extra year in college or living in a certain state stop me from chasing my dreams? I would not be able to watch my dreams became reality today. I would be a disservice to my little girl who is looking up at me. Everyday I realize that in this industry, colorism is real, sexism is real and the struggle is really real. But everyday that I stay in the race, I overcome all those things and I believe that it encourages someone, somewhere to do the same. That dream that seems so far away and damn near impossible…is not. It’s as close and as possible as you make it. The risks you take, the L’s you take, the time, the money and the energy you give looks like its dwindling away right in front of you...I know. Frustration and discouragement can cloud your vision when you are standing in it. So I am writing this to tell you that all those things you give, everything you do, everyday you chase the dream is adding up. It is working for the greater good. It IS working for you! So stay in the race for the sake of family or others that may need encouragement, but most importantly because it is your destiny.


Charlotte, NC, USA