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2019, are you ready ?

2018, CHECK! I’m so happy to be able to say that I completed almost every single thing on my 2018 checklist, did you? If you have not, you still have time to get started on 2019. So often we read the posts making fun of the men and women who decide to make New Years resolutions but only those people are the ones missing out on all of this SUCCESS. It’s very hard to see growth without having clear GOALS set in stone. Are you someone who procrastinated a lot? Well why don’t you make 2019 the year that you nip that in the bud. Below I’ve compiled a list of suggestions to add to your 2019 checklist. 1. Develop a morning and nightly routine - Often times we are just going through the motions of life and we aren’t paying attention to what it is that we are doing to be productive each day. Quit scrolling your timeline until it’s time to go to work and actually get up and be productive! Try going to YouTube if you are unsure of what your routines should consist of. There are a number of productive bees on YouTube who can help to teach you how to be a boss EVERY DAY, no matter what your schedule is. 2. Cut out social media for a little while - we don’t realize it but social media has literally taken over a lot of our lives. We no longer think for ourselves fully because we are constantly being controlled by the images that we see online. Think about it, if you weren’t so focused on what Sally is doing you’d be less influenced to want to do what Sally is doing. Some of you may not even realize it but your dreams and goals may not even be yours. Take some time to yourself and really figure out what YOU want your life to look like, not what social media says it should look like. 3. GET THAT PAPER- and I’m not talking about money. I myself am guilty of year in and year out saying that I will be pursuing my masters yet I haven’t gotten serious about what I want to study until a few months ago. Because I trust my process I know that I am making the best decision as to what I have chosen to study. I just couldn’t go into another year post graduation without pursuing my graduate degree. Dr. Blaize is on the way ! If you haven’t gotten started on your piece of paper, I’d suggest you do this year. School may not be for everyone but education is your ticket that gets you closer to being on an equal playing field. Don’t agree? To each it’s own, I however agree with the Malcom X’s of the world who feel that you can only go but so far without your degree in this world. Yes, you can chase your dreams and make millions without your degree but there are also things you’ll never know or be able to speak on without one either. You choose. 4. Prioritize your finances- if you are like me, you are still trying to get the hang of this thing called “adulting”. In 2019 it’s time to meet with a financial advisor, start budgeting, and FIX THAT CREDIT if you need to. Take care of business now so that you can live amongst the financially stress free percentage in just a few years to come. There are quite a few things that I could add to this list but those are the ones I feel everyone can piggy back off of. Expand on these ideas and build a 2019 list that is fit for a BOSS. It’s okay to start over fresh and new. So whoever said it’s corny to say “new year, new you”, clearly doesn’t understand the power of reinventing yourself. See you next Tuesday! I love you.  -Imani Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA