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Ditch your EGO🗣

Why do we feel like it’s okay to cut people off so easily? Why do we suffer in silence and mourn the loss of friends who are alive? Why are we so sure that only our feelings matter in a situation? I’m asking you the same questions that I ask myself sometimes. There’s this post that I keep seeing that says, “I don’t want to end the year on bad terms with anyone so apologize to me”. When I first saw the post I was like “truuuuueeeee” repost, but then something stopped me. You see, it’s not always the other persons duty to fix the issue just because your feelings are hurt. Think about something, their feelings got hurt too in some cases. Now I’m not saying that every single person you have an issue with deserves and apology but I am saying that if someone is always on your mind, you should reach out to them. Why suffer if you don’t have to? You might be surprised to find out that the person you miss, misses you too. Take me for example, I’m ALWAYS cutting someone off because they aren’t being solid. I truly don’t regret losing many people and I also don’t think about too many people that I’ve lost, accept for one person these days. I’ve tried my best to say “fuckem”, “she ain’t solid”, “shes just another lesson”. But the higher power and my soul has also said to me, “you love her”, “you miss her”, “that was your sister”. Because I’m so in tune with myself, I don’t ignore those thoughts. Because I want a life that is pain free, I acted upon those thoughts a few days ago. I put my pride to the side and I contacted the person I’d been thinking about for weeks and I let them know my thoughts. I was extremely relieved to know that this person was feeling the same way and was open to a conversation. Just like that, the feeling of resentment and bitterness was eased in that moment. I say this to tell you that even though you “cut em off”, if you really keep thinking about that person, maybe you made the wrong decision. Im sure a lot of why some of you don’t reach out to certain people that you miss is because you’re being stubborn. You’re not being stubborn because you truly want to be, but because you’re afraid that this person you miss, doesn’t really miss you anymore. In these cases closure is extremely important because you will have at least transferred the negative energy you’ve been living with to positive energy. I’m not sure what you did to contribute to the problem between you and the person that you cut off but I’m pretty sure if this person is supposed to be apart of your life they’ll forgive you. If they don’t forgive you or they choose to continue a life without you in it, at least you’ll have complete closure in regards to the situation and you won’t continue to replay failed scenarios in your head. You’ll KNOW what happened and WHY and you won’t have anything left to say that you may have wanted to. It’s not about being the bigger person, it’s about doing what is right for your heart. If you’re still checking for the person you cut off, you only cut them off physically, definitely not mentally. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s helpful to wait for someone to contact you because chances are the person you’re waiting on is waiting on you too. Put your pride to the side, fix what you helped to break. See you next Tuesday ! I love you, Imani Blaize  


Charlotte, NC, USA