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Unplug From The Matrix

This week’s post is not for anyone who can’t handle the truth because the truth is a large percentage of Black women are not really putting themselves first and I can tell you why. I’m going to tell you how in the form of asking you to answer a few questions while explaining my questions and if you can answer them with no hesitation then by all means send me a message telling me I’m wrong. 1. Why do you spend your money on more ways to look like a celebrity while working an Entry Level position ? - It doesn’t add up sis. How can you be working at a call center, retail, etc yet you walk around with your paycheck on your feet? Do you know how much further along in life you’d be if you were not trying to impress people who don’t have it either? I’m really not sure why you do it but I have an idea because I used to do it. You want to be seen in a certain light and you want people to think that you’re doing good but guess what? You’re NOT doing good if you care more about what other people think than you do what you think. You can read this and say “I do got it”, but you’re lying to yourself because if you can spend a check on some Gucci sneakers you should be able to put a down payment on a HOUSE or a BUSINESS BUILDING. You really need to get your priorities together because right now , unless you’ve already bought a house, paid off your car, and have over 100k just sitting in the bank that doesn’t need to be touched for anything, chances are you cannot really afford these material items. You’re spending money to put on a show and when you really take the time to think about that, it should bother you, if it doesn’t, go get therapy. 2. Can you really afford to spend as much money as you do on your hair? - What’s the deal? Why are you so afraid to let the real you present herself for longer than a few days? What’s wrong with YOUR hair? Spending money on hair is not what you can’t afford to do because let’s be honest, even if you have $50 to spend on your hair, you can still get your hands on that “purple pack” and be just fine. When I say you cannot afford to spend money on hair I’m talking mentally. Every few weeks you wash your hair, look at it, and say to yourself “this is a hot mess, let me do something to it”. All that you’re doing when you throw a weave or style on top of what’s yours is telling yourself that what’s yours is not beautiful. Even though this is not true, your brain has been trained to believe that what is yours is unacceptable and you’re the one who has trained it to think that.

3. Why are you allowing other races to capitalize off of the fact that you don’t care to know better?

- When you know better you do better and maybe you don’t know this so I’ll tell you that ALL LEVELS OF THE BEAUTY MARKET PREY ON BLACK WOMEN. They know that as a majority, we hate our natural appearance and we will do anything to look like what has been deemed beautiful in this country. We spend BILLIONS of dollars on weave, nails, and make up just to look more like Sally. Meanwhile, Sally wants to look more like us. It’s backwards and it’s the biggest form of self hate imaginable, yet you don’t care do you? It doesn’t matter that most of the nail salons you go to don’t even see you as worthy of the same kind of service as Sally. It doesn’t matter that these Asians, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc people talk about you in your face, just in their language. It doesn’t matter that these same people STUDY your culture and then sell it back to you because as long as you get your heart faces from your Instagram followers, it’s worth it right ? ... WRONG. You’re adding to the issue and you’re simply helping to create a world that tells your daughter and or niece that they aren’t beautiful too. Don’t you care about that? No?... I can tell. I don’t judge anyone for their decisions. I simply try to open ones’s eyes in hopes that they’ll make a change for better. Most Black women just see me as “too woke” and judgmental but that’s not the case. I hope that you’ve answered my questions HONESTLY and that if you know that you’re not giving the right answers, you decide to enact change. Remember, I’m never judging you, I love you, and I’m here for you. If you need help enacting any change in your life that you feel fit after reading this, please don’t hesitate to ask me. See you next Tuesday ! I love you ❤️ -Imani Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA