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Societal Norms vs The Nonconformist

I've always had the feeling that I was different, even from a young age. Instead of dressing my dolls up, I was creating soap operas with them. When all of the kids were reading Captain Underpants and Junie B Jones, I was WRITING my own little chapter books. When I was younger, being different didn't really bother me but getting older changed that. 

You see, we live in a society where everyone wants to be "politically correct" and it's hard for people like me to mesh well with those kind of individuals. I think for myself, and I don't really ever care about what it causes someone else to think (in most cases). I learned a very long time ago that when you follow the crowd, you become a number. Before I learned to be okay with who I am social media was hard for me to get a handle on. I constantly had something to say but everyone around me made me feel like I was talking too much. Little did I know at the time, these were all just attempts to dim my light.

I know now that I don't talk too much, I just care about different things. The things I do that others think is the most are the exact reasons why I actually have people to speak to each week now. One day on my self love journey I decided to stop apologizing for the times that I "go in" about. My thoughts are my thoughts and I am allowed to share them. It doesn't matter if you don't think it's "socially acceptable" to post a certain amount of times per day. That's YOUR train of thought, not mine. 

I think it's actually pretty anal and stupid to monitor the amount of times you post just to not seem "lame". What's lame is only using a platform that can be used to impact masses, just to post cute pictures and have a 5000 - 500 follower ratio. Social media is designed for so many reasons besides boosting your ego, like CHANGING THE WORLD. I'd much rather be known for daily rants, moments of positivism, and mental health advocacy than having hella followers. Followers and likes will come, and if they don't they just don't. 

My existence is not validated by the amount of likes I get on a picture or the amount of interaction I receive from my content. My existence is validated by the people I touch. The reason I keep sharing is because of the girls who tell me that my post that day really helped them or that it really helps to see someone going through similar obstacles with a smile. It never really matters whether it's 1 person or 10 people that day, as long as I touched someone, mission accomplished.

I often tell people that who you were as a child is who you're supposed to be. The things you did that bought you joy are the things you should go back to in your adult life and figure out how to tie it into your now existence. For me, writing and reading was always my escape from the at home life that I was not always so proud to call my own. This is why I wrote so many stories, it was my way of escaping into an at home life I actually did want to be in. Now in my adult life, I still write to cope but now I actually have people that I can share it with and it makes me so excited! 

No famous person became famous from playing it safe and following societal norms. My goal is not to become famous but it is to become heard and that won't happen if I'm limiting myself to 3-5 posts on my story per day or 1 picture per day. I honestly need to become LOUDER and I'll get there the more times that I put myself out there. Do you have something you want to say to the world? Are you afraid of what others will say about you? I say, SAAAAAAAY IT !! I hope you come back next Tuesday for another page out of TheBookofBlaize :)

I love you,

Imani Blaize  


Charlotte, NC, USA