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You Are What You Eat, No Seriously

For African Americans seeking a balanced diet that incorporates the eating habits of their African ancestors, I am here to tell you that our ancestors DID NOT have a diet rich with meats. Our ancestors promoted a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, beans, herbs, spices, and traditional sauces. It is scientifically proven that humans only began eating meat to survive when they began to lack the resources given to them on the earth and to what do we owe this? HUMAN ERROR. Tonight's post is not going to be a speech about why you shouldn't eat meat but it is going to hopefully enact a different way of thinking about what you consume.

I am sure you all have seen the documentary "What the Health?" It seemed as though everyone was joining team no meat quickly after watching it but now, the team is slim again. I am quite confused about why since we all saw exactly what consuming meat does for our health. I understand that we have been consuming meat for years now and have yet to die but I also understand that cutting it out early can do a lot for the future health of my body. We often complain about the fact that eating healthy is too expensive yet we ball out on less important things, allowing our health to take a back seat. 10 years from now when the doctor tells you that you've developed cancer you're going to ask yourself "how?" and the answer is going to be in all of the crap that you consumed throughout the years.

Don't get me wrong, I miss my oxtails, cookout, and even the occasional Taco Bell (don't judge me), but I love myself more. Cutting out meat was not hard when I took the time to research and made the decision to do it for myself. When my best friend came to me with the idea I felt pressured to be vegan but I quickly slipped back into my ways after a few weeks. When you make the choice for yourself and not because of a trend, that is when you will be able to develop the willpower needed to not backtrack. I challenge you to do your own research about the benefits of a meatless life and then ask yourself, why am I still falling into temptation? America is set up to thrive off of the diseases we die from, how do you think they do this? They promote a diet with things that are not even supposed to be inside of the body. For example SIMILAC (baby formula) contains ROCKET FUEL. Did you read that? How can we be feeding our babies rocket fuel from young all the while believing that we are doing what is best for our child?

Do not continue to fall victim to the traps set in place by America's regulators. They are trying to kill us one burger, chicken strip, and rib at a time. I am not vegan, I am pescetarian being that I do still consume fish which continues to be the center of the "is it meat?" debate. I beg of you all to not just read these words and go back to your ways. Be the BEST you that you can be ! I hear often times , "my grandma lived this long and she consumed meat", but your grandma also didn't live in the age that we live in. They are becoming more creative and we are no longer in control of what is in the meat we consume or where it is even coming from. Everything you need to LIVE grows out of the earth, remember that when you try to convince yourself that you need the protein found in chicken.

I do not judge anyone who still consumes meat, I do ask that you do not try to make other's feel bad for their way of life. Just because you lack the will power to give up the "flavor" you think going without meat will entail does not mean that you get to pick fun at the next person's eating habits. Remember, you are what you eat. See you next Tuesday !

I love you,

Imani Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA