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Real Queens Fix Each other's Crowns

I know a good number of you have seen the above post in a meme but do you really know what that saying means? Do you actually live by that quote? Here at SimplySoulSistas we believe HIGHLY in paying it forward and there are so many different ways to do this. Tonight's post talks about the stigma that seems to exist among Black women, "competition". What is competition anyway? If you research the definition you'll find that it is the person or people with whom one is competing, especially in a commercial or sporting arena; the opposition. Do you really see your fellow sister as someone to take out during the game, or do you see her as someone who can help you win the game? You see, a lot of us are playing the WRONG game and don't even realize it. The game is to figure out how to share your passion and make money from it, pay it forward, and bridge the financial wealth gap that exists for Black women and men. If you're not playing this game, you've already lost.

It is a beautiful thing to see Black women by the masses rising up and starting their own businesses. There is something empowering about knowing that I can go to my sis, Jas to get my eyebrows slayed instead of giving my money to so and so (check out @DefinedBrowandBeauty if you're in the Charlotte area). Instead of going to the mac counter for an important event I can hit up my girl Imani for the melanin specified face beat (contact @roseartistrymua if you're in Greensboro or willing to travel there). When I'm ready to get toned up right I have a Black girl certified personal trainer based in Miami that I can contact to get my body SNATCHED (check out @triplethreatcc for your personal training needs). If I am in need of DOPE personalized art my girl Kenya is one paint brush away (contact @makings_of_kenya for beautiful commission art). And if I want to add some sparkle to my wardrobe all I have to do is get in contact with my girl Tia (check out @FlawlessFinishJewels for modern, urban, and chick accessories). Did you see how I just mentioned a number of DIFFERENT hustles all from Black women? That's the thing to remember, we all have different hustles but we ALL have something to offer. If you can just remember the key part of the last sentence, "we ALL have something to offer", you can stop looking at other Black women as competition and start living YOUR best life and chasing YOUR dream to the fullest. 

Just because there are a number of females selling hair weave does not mean you cannot do the same. Just because you were one of the first to start selling mink lashes, doesn't mean you have to throw shade at other girls who want to. You are NOT the only Black girl who is sick with the nail file, stop telling people who sit in your chair that "she doesn't even use the good acrylic". We must STOP tearing each other down and help build each other up. Yes, we are all hustlers and I get wanting the most amount of customers possible but the end goal is REVENUE FOR OUR PEOPLE. We have to put all of our money into OUR community, the Black community. If you're the only Black women who offers a service within 25 miles of the next, pay it forward and refer another sis ! You are not taking the shine away from yourself by promoting other Black businesses, you are actually shining a light on your character. 

I am not saying that you should advertise a business that offers the same service/product that you do ALL the time but if someone asks if you know anyone in a certain area, don't be afraid to tell them. From time to time you actually SHOULD highlight the people you might right now see as "competition". This will help you to get out of the mindset that you are the only person allowed and capable of winning because you're not. Think about it, Asians have the nail game on LOCK, and there are a MILLION of them within 5 mile radius' of each other. Imagine if Black women referred each other from city to city, everyone would be plugged in and it wouldn't be so hard to come across a good Black nail tech. 

Real Queens help each other shine, and real queens do it without a second thought. I challenge you to adopt this mindset and begin to pay it forward by helping other Black women who might want to start an online boutique, blog, hairline, business get started, it does not matter if you already have one out there ! We are breaking barriers ladies, and the only way to continue to break those barriers is to continue to support EACH OTHER. We can bridge the financial wealth gap between Black people and society and we can do it by helping each other in any way possible. If you are reading this and you have been thinking about starting an endeavor please reach out to us at, we love to offer support and tips on how to seize your dreams. See you next Tuesday !

I love you,

Imani Blaize 


Charlotte, NC, USA