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Develop a Morning Routine !

Believe it or not, what you do at the beginning of your day is extremely important. I used to be someone who just woke up, threw my clothes on, and got to work just in time. For a long time I would watch people achieving their dreams and living their best lives and all I would be able to do is like the picture on instagram when someone shared their achievements. I knew deep down inside I wanted to be just like those people who were achieving there dreams but my terrible daily routine was like a huge bolder stuck between myself and the other side that held my confidence and ability to go for what I wanted. I have always liked to read and write but I usually stuck to interesting fiction and Black history but nothing that really challenged my mind to think. I then switched over to self help texts and that is when my life began to change. If you have not read the book "COURAGE" by Betty Ford, I would suggest that be your first book that you dive into. This book was like a slap in the face with every page I turned. After reading this book I came to realize that I was the problem. I was the roadblock. I was the reason things were not getting done. And I am in control of everything that happens to me no matter who else it seems I can blame.

I began to take a look at my habits and opted to cut every single one of them out that did not help me grow. In the morning time I stopped waking up at the last minute, smoking weed in the morning, and eating gas station muffins for breakfast and replaced these actions with ones that would ensure a successful week and over time, life. I stopped smoking a blunt as soon as I got home and passing out on the couch and began to committing a few hours of my evening to the dreams that would not stop yelling at me in my head. Switching up my bad habits and paying more attention to developing good habits really has changed my life and I am hoping that you read this and begin to change your life too. Let's jump into my morning routine.

What I used to do- Hit the bong

Hitting the bong used to be my way of shutting out all of the loud thoughts that came to me in the morning, reminding me that I still needed to "adult" today. As soon as I woke up I would spark up my bong and take a few hits. In my head, I was preparing myself to take on the day. I realize now that hitting the bong only slowed me up for the first few hours of my day until I got more weed in my system. Because I had to take the time to smoke in the morning I did not make time to do anything else important besides put my clothes on and lay my edges. I would end up rushing to work and being late most times and I would be so slow, convincing myself that I was focused and in a calm state.

What I do now

Meditate -- The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is meditate for at least 10-15 minutes. This is the time that all of my thoughts rush to me and I am able to make sense of them. I am able to figure out why I'm anxious that morning and what I need to do to feel more at ease. Meditating helps you silence the chaos and it helps you to listen to your inner voice.

Journal- I don't write a whole book each morning but I do write 10 things that I am thankful for and 10 things that I WILL get done. This helps me to not be in a bad mood because how can you when you have so much to be thankful for? Writing down the things I will get done also helps me with manifesting these things quicker.

Work Out -- Even if it is for only 20 - 30 minutes I always try my best to work out in the morning. I start by walking my dog to warm up and then after I bring her back into the house I head over to my neighborhood gym to get legs or abs in. I am not a very big person as it is so I usually just go to the gym to do my usual crunches, squats, and leg machines. Staying toned is my goal so I don't need to spend hours in the gym, plus in the morning I only have a certain amount of time to get in the shower afterwards and would rather that be a quick session than a full deep cleaning session.

Mix up Breakfast - After I have done everything I need to do for the morning and I am dressed I come downstairs and prepare a breakfast smoothie with my favorite fruits, green superfood powder, flax seeds, and my dose of vitamins/pills. Preparing a full breakfast is hard throughout the week but it is still imperative that I put nutrients inside of me at the start of the morning.

Doing these things in the morning has really turned my life around for the better. I am no longer late in the morning time and I start my day energized and uplifted. In the car instead of listening to music I listen to motivational audios that feed my mind with success. You are your habits so when you develop good habits you begin to form a better you. I hope a few of these tips help you and that you commit to developing a morning routine. I am able to get all of the above tasks done by waking up around 6:30- 7:00 depending on what I did the night before. It will be hard in the beginning but soon you will be a pro at becoming a morning person and you will actually begin to look forward to mornings. See you next Tuesday !

I love you,

Imani Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA