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Soul Sista -- Do you have one ?

Okay ladies, let's start off by getting the disclaimer out of the way. THIS IS A GUT CHECK POST. A lot of us think that we have people that we call our "best friends", "sister", "bestie", "friend forever" but in reality they do not actually live up to what that title means. It is so important to be able to decipher whether or not someone is the person you think that they are to save yourself future hurt. So ask yourself this question, "is this really my best friend?".


In reality we are all brothers and sisters but some people come into our lives and GENUINELY change it forever. You outgrow certain friends but you would never outgrow your soul sister. Your soul sista is someone who accepts you for you and even though you might not be perfect, they still make you feel like the best version of yourself. Your soul sista is not ashamed of you and no matter what anyone says about you, their opinion and outlook on who you are will NEVER change. Best friends stop being best friends everyday, soul sistas are connected forever.

A soul sista takes the time to look into your past to understand why you are the person you are in the present. You should be able to be unexplainably nasty to your soul sista and they will not take offense because they know why you are being this way and they do not take anything personal. This is because your soul sista knows you and at the end of the day the love that you share for one another trumps any other negative feeling. You should never have to worry about losing this person as a part of your life just because you might be in a hard place in life. You are lucky to come across great friends in your life time but you are BLESSED if you ever find yourself able to say you have a soul sister. Below I have compiled a list of criteria to look for when deciphering whether or not you have a soul sista.


- Often times even though we do not like to admit it, if you hear another female call your best friend "bestie", you tend to feel a little jealous. Soul Sistas understand that humans may have an infinite number of connections with other souls in this life time. They do not become jealous of other relationships that their soul sista may have with other females.


- Soul Sistas are not afraid to tell their friend, "I don't have it" and if you are on the receiving end of that message and do have it, HELP HER. We are so caught up in not wanting to be used that we forget that part of being there for someone sometimes involves giving what you have to help another person. Your soul sista is going to help you through ANYTHING and ask for NOTHING in return. Friends often times look for recognition for the times that they help you but your soul sista does not help you to help herself feel good, she helps you because she loves you.


It should not matter how far apart you both are or how long you go without speaking. You both should be able to talk like there was never any time lost. More than likely if someone is your soul sista you are going to talk to them pretty much everyday via text, face time, instagram tags but if you somehow do not speak for a week, you should not feel a way.

We will go into full detail about how to separate friends from sistas and when to admit that you have NEITHER in a person next Let's Talk Tuesday !

See you next week sis,

Imani Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA