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A conversation with the Ancestors

There's light in the darkness that you're trying to fight.

Everything you want is in plain sight

Stop doubting yourself, you've got all it takes.

One thing you don't have time to do is waste.

It's all in your mind so go on and shine.

There is no timeline to reaching your prime.

All you need is the will power to succeed,

and a heart that's big, not heavy with greed.

When you stop chasing money it will all make sense.

You'll do everything different and you won't ride the fence.

Live in your truth, seek your life purpose.

Allow everything that hurt you to come to the surface.

Stop holding it in, set yourself free,

realize that YOU are the "p o w e r s that b e."

Are you scared that you'll fail and others will see?

If you answered yes, you are who I used to be.

They taught us to doubt and second guess ourselves.

They pushed our black faces to the back of the shelves.

They baptized our minds to make us forget,

but honey, your ancestors ain't done with you yet.

We will talk to you as long as you silence that voice.

The one that's hypnotizing you into making the wrong choice.

Sis get real you're doing it wrong.

Everything you think you know is a lie, we need you to be strong.

You're a slave to an image you did not create yourself.

You're wasting money on brands that take away from your wealth.

Loui V won't make it "Gucci", Fendi shades won't help you see.

Your judgment is blinded by material things that in reality, do not bring glee.

Everything you do is for somebody else.

You still haven't mastered loving yourself.

You need to disconnect, get back to you.

That girl who used to write short stories out of the blue.

We need you to hone in, and master your gift

of writing deep thoughts with a flick of your wrist.

Your name means faith, you were born resilient.

This means you withstand all weather, you are your own tent.

Sometimes words have to be written just for someone to hear.

Your thoughts ARE important someone does care.

Don't doubt your ability to enact change,

think outside the box, discover your range.

Listen to yourself we are talking to you.

Understand that nothing on this earth really is new.

We try to get to everyone but sometimes we can't,

cuz society has made others think it's crazy to rant.

When your thoughts get really loud just know that it's us.

You don't deserve a seat on the crazy bus.

You have been chosen, please allow us to speak through you.

Make that pen ink bleed sis, you know what to do.


Charlotte, NC, USA