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Just the beginning

To my readers,

So this is my very first blog post and I feel as though I should dedicate it to the reason you're even reading this post right now. I want to be heard, but the way my anxiety and emotions are set up, I'm not the best at speaking vocally about the things that I wish to share with the world without seeming too "aggressive" ( whatever that means). I personally do not believe in gender roles but I also do not wish to ward off people that I can help and possibly connect with because I come off offensive, this is why I have created I have so many thoughts and so much to say to the world, but I would rather make my presence and world accessible to those who are interested. Spamming my instagram and Snapchat story with a bunch of thoughts that most people skip through is not satisfying enough when I know that I have something important to say to the right people, I just need to do it in an organized fashion. I'm so excited to have mustered up the courage to put together a platform to share my thoughts and ideas with the ones who wish to take notice. Welcome ya'll ! to

I chose to brand myself with my name because I honestly cannot think of anything else that can describes my life motto, "FAITH". Imani means faith and Blaize is a pretty cool last name hence, "I'M A BRAND BIHH, I'M A BRAND" *Nicki voice*. After deciding to live in my truth and seek self knowledge I realize there really is nothing I cannot do if it is in my mind to do so. From an extremely young age, I was going through chapter books in 2 days and writing short stories about my environment and the way it effected me. I even have a published poem somewhere in Barnes&Knobles in a CreativeWriting poem volume whatever. Even with the validation from teachers and some peers that I had a gift for words, I NEVER had the courage to share it with the world. Every once in awhile I would get some burst of "i'm that chick", write something and share it, but I never got the lines of comments and 100s of likes that I was looking for so I shrunk back and told myself, "who are you to think anyone cares about what you have to say?".

I've been working extremely hard on myself and very much so still am but one thing that I know now is that someone does care about what I have to say, it's just about focusing on who focuses on you. For years I have been allowing outside forces and people to control my actions and perception of myself but thank the Higher Power for growth ! I now understand that I am the powers that be and I have COMPLETE control over this thing called life. I want to let you guys in, and share my gifts with the world. So if you're into the whole positive energy, spiritual growth, zen lifestyle type thing, click around !

Elevate with me y'all,

Imani Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA