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So I haven't quite decided on how often I will be dropping these blogs but I do know that this post is one that is WELL overdue. I'm always posting my meditation practices and charging my stones via my insta/snap story and I get a lot of questions about what they do for me so I really wanted to hone in the topic so that I can maybe stop sending the same messages all the time (sorry ya'll it kinda get's redundant lol).

I'll start off with explaining why meditating with stones/crystals is helpful and then break down the ones that I personally think one should start out with. I really hope this helps !

Just about any stone or crystal can be used for meditation, which is the beautiful thing about them. Crystals/stones help to connect with a specific intention and/or agenda and help you gravitate into deeper states of meditation, heightening the experience.

I suggest starting off with just a few essentials since there are A L OT of stones out there and it can be overwhelming in the beginning.


This crystal really helps to program your meditative intentions. Quartz Crystals bring clarity of the mind and help you to become more focused and clear about your dreams. They also amplify the energy of other crystals, it's a no brainer for this one !


Selenite healing properties assist with eliminating the body of NEGATIVE energy, making it easy to have calm energy flowing through your body. This tool is essential for setting the mood for a peaceful meditation experience.


Setting the mood through scents is important in aiding your brain to focus on the meditation experience. Refer to my Aromatherapy link on the IMANIFESTATION page for more details on it.

I won't attempt to cram everything into one blog post because that would be so much to read. But I will record a video with the different stones as soon as my new camera comes in or if I feel confident enough in my iPhone. My next post regarding crystals will be a lot more detailed and include the stones that I have come to love but for now I just wanted to speak to my beginners.

Elevate with me ya'll,

Imani Blaize


Charlotte, NC, USA