If left to build up, negative energies can begin to wreak havoc in many areas of one’s life. When this happens, you might begin to experience things like bad luck in your endeavors, loss of money or love, a decrease in overall well-being or health, ect.
What’s in it ? 
AGRIMONY - herb known for its power in removing curses and hexes.

CHAMOMILE FLOWERS - for uncrossing .

DILL LEAF - breaks curses in a person’s love life.

EUCALYPTUS-  is a herb that cleanses and removes evil.

HYSSOP-  is a herb that not only can purify and remove crossed conditions, but it can also be used to remove guilt or shame that is weighing you down.

LEMON LEAVES - can remove unwanted situations and people that are holding you back.

SEA SALT - is one of the most versatile ingredients in magic. Salt is very powerful and it will do what you tell it to (which is why it has so many different uses in so many different spells and rituals) 

LEMON MINT can break up bad situations and remove what’s holding you back.
MINT is another well-known curse-breaker that also helps to unblock your luck and/or remove any spells put on you to block your luck or bring you bad luck.

LEMON has the power to cut the ties with unwanted people and situations as well as anyone and anything blocking your success and happiness.

PATCHOULI LEAVES can break curses. Patchouli enhances the power of whatever spell or formula it is added to (regardless of whether the intention of the spell or formula is positive or negative), so it not only has uncrossing powers by itself but will enhance the effectiveness of your uncrossing bath if you add it to the mix.

ROSE PETALS -can remove crossed conditions and hexes from your love life.

ROSEMARY - is a protective and cleansing herb that can remove curses and crossed conditions, as well and negative thoughts that are weighing you down and lies you tell yourself that undermine your self-confidence and power.

RUE - is known as a powerful protector against the evil eye. This is one of the most popular herbs when it comes to removing curses, hexes and crossed conditions.

SAGE - can break and/or reverse curses.

BASIL- is a cleansing and purifying herb that also protects from evil and brings money and success. In many countries, there is a basil plant in every home because it is believed that evil can’t enter where a basil plant lives. If the plant suddenly dies, it is considered a sign that someone is working evil magic against the family.

Spiritual Bath Soak


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