As a Goddess, your soul is to be protected at all times. That is why it is important to stay stocked up on your Goddess essentials by frequently building your Solid Soul Kit to fit your individual needs. 


Starting at a minumim of 4 of products included, choose from a number of spiritually cleansing healing products that will balance your feminine energy. All products are blessed, cleansed, and infused with positive intentions, and energy. 



  • Yoni Steam - protect your womb by steaming your vaginal area atleast twice a month. A mix of magical herbs is inside of our steam packet to connect you further to your femine energy as well as give you other health benefits (see individual seller option for further benefits). 
  • Yoni Wash - keep the balance of your YONIverse in tune with your positive energy with the use of our vaginal wash. Infused with healing herbs guaranteed to protect your sacred portal from bacteria, negative energy, and other infection causing issues. 
  • InnerG Cleansing Body Bar - clean off daily with the use of our luxury body bar. Infused with sage oil, florida water, and other herbs, you will wash away all negative energy from your physical body.
  •  Aura Elixir - this magical potion is our InnerG Cleansing bar in a liquid form. Same benefits, just liquidy ! 
  • Sage Protection Body (dropper) - protect your aura from daily physical attack with the use of our protection oil. Infused with ancient protection oils and herbs, this oil can be used in your spiritual bath, to dress your candles, on your body, and to cleanse your spiritual tools. 
  •  Sage Protection Body Oil (roll on) - this is the sage protection oil in a roll on form. This comes with a sweet, fruity, aroma to uplift your spirit upon application. 
  • Spiritual Scrub- scrub away the nonsense with our spiritual scrub. Matching the sweet, fruity, aroma of our Spiritual Scrub, you will get away just long enough to gain clarity each time you decide to exfoliate your skin. 
  • Melanin Magic Body Butter - coat your skin in ancient protection oils infused with  herbs that have been mixed into shea, mango, and cocao butter.
  • Spiritual Bath Soak - invite the energy of your ancestors into your spiritual bath with the use of of our spiritual bath soak. With the same sweet, fruity, notes that are in our scrub, you will be sure to soak away the negative energy that may have come with you into your bath experience. 
  • InnerG Space Cleansing Spray - Spray away negative energy and uplift your aura for a quick second with the use of our InnerG Cleansing Spray. You can use this spray to cleanse yourself during times you have forgotten to sage. 
  •  Goddess Gang Protection Candle - dressed in intention oils and herbs, let us know what it is that you are trying to manifest and we will customize a message for you to speak when you are lighting your intention candle. Each candle comes with your first and last name printed for personalization. 


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