Charlotte, NC, USA

We know that right now all of us are scared but we cannot walk in fear because we will then manifest more of this horrible reality. What we can do is protect ourselves and make sure that our sisters are doing the same. Please help us to put tasers in the hands of our sisters who cannot afford protection. We have been able to buy tasers for multiple women however it is becoming hard to do this on our own. When you purchase a taser you pay to have it sent out to a sister in need. If you want the taser for yourself we encourage you to buy two. Please donate and share the initiative. Let’s stand together !

We need to get protected TODAY sis. Every day a Black woman is being snatched from freedom and taken against her will to fulfill the mission of another agenda. This is no longer an incident to take lightly Black Queen.  Women VERY close to home are now going missing too and there is no sense of urgency about the matter on any news platform. Why do you think they are not making this a known thing ? That’s easy. This is a strategic way to not only wipe out the black woman, but use her body parts to recreate her power in a way that benefits everyone but her. It is no longer JUST sex trafficking our sisters are being stolen for. That is just the cover up for an even deeper agenda. .