No matter the size you choose, your 5 step system will last you AT LEAST 2 months minus your mask/scrub  (those are persishable and need to be used).  



If you choose the BIG option you will receive a 8 oz face wash, and a 4 oz facial oil/ toner with your regular sized face scrub and mask. 


If you choose the SMALL option you will recieve a 4 oz face wash, and a 2 oz facial oil/toner with your regular sized face scrub and mask. 


Our 5 step system is all that you need to keep a clear, smooth, glowing, completion.



5 products work together to keep your skin in top shape. If you do experience a break out due to life, these products will kick it right on out there and back to wherever it came from



 Step 1: Wishy Washy --  This face wash is infused with skin loving herbs and oils to leave your face feeling squeaky clean while fighting off acne. Infused with natural multani mud , african black soap, vitamin E oil, calendula herb, Manuka Honey, Witch hazel herb, tea tree oil, hemp extract. 



Step 2: Let’s Make It Even -- This facial exfoliant will not only leave your skin soft, but free of dead skin cells as well as bacteria that may be causing break outs. Infused with sea moss extract, olive oil, hemp oil, manuka honey, tea tree oil, calendula oil, turmeric, rose oil, witch hazel herb, and coconut sugar. 




Step 3 : Sea It Through is your  daily mask that will add collagen to your skin as well as detox your skin of any bacteria causing break outs. Infused with activated charcoal and sea moss gel, this mask will instantly remove impurities from your face.





Step 4: Lower Your Tone --   This facial toner is perfect for after a mask or washing your face. This magic bottle is infused with rose pedal extract , calendula Herb, calendula oil,  olive oil, grapefruit seed oil, neem oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin E oil, Tea tree oil, hemp extract, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar. 




 Step 5: Top off your facial by adding moisture back into your skin with The Glow Up oil. Infused with hemp oil, rose pedal herb, calendula herb, rose pedal oil, olive oil, grapefruit seed oil, neem oil, flaxseed oil, Vitamin E oil, Tea tree oil, hemp oil, castor oil, citrus extract, and turmeric oil.  This facial oil is all you need to shine your light effortlessly while tackling breakouts.



Do all 5 steps daily for a glow that is out of this world !

5 step Skin System

Big Bottles or Small Bottles ?
  • Daily Use

    Step 1: Shake up your face wash to fully activate its properties. Wet your face and then lather your face with your Wishy Washy face wash 

    Step 2: Exfoliate with your Let's Make It Even face scrub. 2 - 3 times out of the week. Do not exceed 3 times a week as over exfoliating can lead to scarring. Scoop a quarter sized amount of product into your hand and rub onto face in a circular motion for 45 seconds. Rinse. 


    Step 3: Apply your Sea It Through Face mask. This mask is safe for daily use. Extended use of the mask daily will result in an effortless glow. Apply a thin layer to face with clean hands or mask brush. Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse from face. Pat dry.


    Step 4: It’s time to tone with your Lower Your Tone toning spray. Spray directly onto face or apply with a cotton ball. Let your face dry before applying the next step. 


    Step 5: Apply one drop of The Glow Up facial oil onto your forehead, cheeks, and chin. rub in. 

    You’re all done !

    You GLOW girl 


Charlotte, NC, USA