September 25, 2018

I've always had the feeling that I was different, even from a young age. Instead of dressing my dolls up, I was creating soap operas with them. When all of the kids were reading Captain Underpants and Junie B Jones, I was WRITING my own little chapter books. When I was...

September 19, 2018

How you gone win if you ain't right within?

I told myself that I was going to wait until I knew the best way to approach this topic but I've come to the conclusion that there really is no "right way" so I'll just do it MY way. This week I'm going to give it to you strai...

September 4, 2018

How could I ever have the nerve to say no
if I already know how the results will go?
How dare I have the guts to choose me?
I’m the people pleaser and that’s all I can be.

I suffer in silence despite how I feel.
I wear a bright smile but my pain is real.
I don’t know...

September 4, 2018

You HAVE to gain the ability to get real with yourself if you're going to make it through your 20's still sane, and I mean REALLY real. Why are you really feeling depressed? Is it because you lack something? Let me guess, money? I can't speak for all people my age beca...

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