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I know I know I know... you guys wanted me to post that video of me yelling at everyone about all of the things that they are doing wrong in this world but my guides and I are so close, that they pull me back right before I am about to jump off of the ledge to my own death. Sometimes I wanna pop my friends for allowing me to do dumb things but then I remember that they love me so much, they support me even when I am DEAD WRONG. Let me just say this... OG Goddess Blaize is NEVER afraid to speak her mind, however, she knows how powerful her tongue is. For that matter alone, she must be very cautious about how she uses her words. It's never the message, it's how you relay the message and althou

Dear Mom

The last time I wrote this letter it was a lot different. I actually titled it... "Mother's Day?... maybe next year". Boy have we grown from that letter haven't we? I'd like to let you know the purpose of this letter before I go any further. This letter is the public acknowledgement that you deserve as my MOTHER. When I wrote the first series of angry letters I was not the healed version of myself that I am today. I hadn't done all of the self healing that I made the conscious choice to do after spending 2 years not speaking to you. If we are being honest, I have spent my entire life not speaking to you and I guess that's why today is extra special for me. It's as if my entire life has done


Charlotte, NC, USA