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Believe in your Boundaries. Say Goodbye.

Boundaries.... I keep seeing this word all over social media and I am so happy to finally understand the meaning of the word. Boundaries are those things that make you tick. For example, a guy not texting you back for 3 days with no real explanation is not something that we should be putting up with as women. That is a boundary that should not be crossed. I've learned through healthy self healing that upholding your beliefs in your boundaries will teach others how to treat you. Sticking to your boundaries also gets rid of anyone who should not be in your life. If someone cannot respect your boundaries they cannot respect you,anyone who does not respect you should not be a major part of your


Dear Love, [Excerpt from | She Died to Live | 2020 It gets dark here too often without you. I’ve done everything possible to try to find you. I found you a few times but you slipped from my grips because I manifested you in the wrong form. I feel so lost without you. Where are you? That’s quite a silly question when I think about it, I know exactly where you are. You’ve been with me this whole time yet I ignored you while tending to the pain I just cannot live with. Even though I know that real love is already within me, I can’t kiss my own lips, create the next generation, or have cosmic orgasms with myself, I need to meet you in the flesh. I guess that’s why I yearn for you. My ancestors


Charlotte, NC, USA