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When Isolation is Necessary

If you think you’re lonely now, wait until you find yourself in yet another unfulfilled relationship because you were too pussy to heal. I apologize for the first line having to be so harsh but I am sick and tired of scrolling my timeline reading, “pick me” post after “pick me” post. It’s as if everyone is subliminally stating what makes them worthy of love through memes and rants about the opposite sexes and I’m just really wondering why no one has yet to pick THEMSELVES. Maybe you have picked yourself and if so, just go ahead and click on out of this tea, this isn’t your cup this week. I know that my spirit does not feel compelled to give a message however unless there is a large amount of

Peace of Mind Will Save You

Peace Goddess, Today I want to talk to you about the pain you're in. I know that a lot of the women who read my posts are going through some sort of storm and I want you to know that even though it feels like you can't get through it, you most definitely can and will. I know that things seem like you'll be stuck here but I have wonderful news. If you commit to finding your peace of mind, you'll be healing in no time! As a woman who has had to learn how to find her peace I now understand how much power lies within peace. You know I'm personal, so let's chat. There was a time in life when all I knew was chaos. It was my storyline. "So and so hurt me, so and so said this about me, so and so is


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