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Passage from She Died to Live | 2020.

THE VOICE Before I made the decision that I didn't want to live anymore there was a voice that spoke to me every single day up until my baptism. The voice was quiet most days but when everything was happening at one time, the voice got louder. The voice said to me … She didn’t text you back because you’re not cool enough. She didn’t follow you back because you don’t have enough followers and you don’t get enough likes. Okay, you got excited because she acted like she wanted to be friends but get real. Nobody ever actually would want to be your friend. You’re way too hard to be around for too long. Nobody ever sticks around long enough because you curse way too much and you always have someth

The Cringe Worthy Child

Growing up as a little brown girl is hard enough on its own. Being a brown girl with hair not deemed acceptable by society, well that’s a whole new ball game. As much as I wish it wasn’t true, my childhood was a complete nightmare due to my hair. I wasn’t blessed to have a mom who was 4C hair savvy because she had a looser hair texture and after screwing my hair up from a young age with relaxers I begged for every 6 weeks, my natural hair had really taken a hit. This resulted in my transition to weave which kept me safe until it wasn’t safe. Until I got to college and really learned weave, I was gluing tracks to my scalp and faking ponytails that didn’t even match my own hair. My friends


Good evening sis, Just wanted to piggy back off of last week’s post when we spoke of the “post break up snap back”. After making this post I got a ton of women in my inbox letting me know what they were dealing with so I compiled a short list of things for you to remember while you are getting over the love you thought you’d have forever. What’s for you is going to be for you and what ain’t… AIN’T I know right now it’s hard for you to believe this but this break up happened FOR you sis. If it wasn’t supposed to happen it would not have happened and I’d suggest you not do a bunch of extra nonsense to try to get him back. The universe is always working for you so calling him and texting him ab

The Baptism

She didn’t get here over night. She told anyone who’d listen how sad she was yet they all were so focused on themselves they didn’t see the signs. They saw her as a “drama queen” and they ignored every single one of her cries for help. The Instagram rants. The subliminal posts. The lost spark in her eyes. The only thing keeping her from going all the way was the cry from her man when she told him she wanted to do it and then he left and there was nothing more to live for her in her eyes. In her eyes blinded by fear, depression, and anxiety, no friend loved her for who she was. No family loved her for who she was. NoBODY could ever love her for who she was. She wanted to be with the only one

Post Break up Snap Back

Hey sis, I’m just here with a little motivation to just trust the process. I know things seem super unbearable right now but trust me, if you’d just give this thing to God, you’ll be more at peace. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you how I’ve been since losing who I thought was the love of my life and how I snatched my power back.  In my opinion, you go through a few stages before you can finally breathe again if you’re a drama queen like myself. Stage 1 : THE HEARTBREAK Heartbreak is like the absolute worst thing to deal with in my opinion because it’s like not only are you dealing with all of the time wasted on someone you saw your life with, but you also KEEP replaying the good times that m

Goddess Bee on Fathers

Grab a tissue sis, Biancca Spriggs, owner of BABE Prizes is about to bring you to tears ! Ever struggled with the absence of your father ? Watch this ..


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