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Self Care or Selfish ?

Ya'll know I'm coming with the real tea so before you get to stirring, know that this tea MIGHT just be too hot for you . I want to talk on this SUNday about finding a balance between self care and being selfish. Selfish ? What you mean selfish sis? You read that... SELFISH. Selfish is forgetting about what our ancestors did for us. You think they died for you to choose distractions over your mission? African woman ( YES you are African) you don't have time to be distracted when as the GODdess black woman, you have a job to do. The world goes no higher than you and I sis, do you want your offspring to live in the world we live in right now? We have NOTHING sis. We have nobody to look up to b

Goodbye Codependency, I've learned to carry my own weight.

Hey there honey bun, It's  time to get down to the nitty gritty and have a real talk session on this fine self care Sunday. Today I want to first, thank God for giving me the desire to keep writing because sometimes the things I want to write about are things I know most women don't really want to talk about so, I hold back. That's not the case these days though. I've adopted a term called "GODfidance" after connecting with a new soul while I was you know, aligning myself with the kind of people I flow with since I got tired of forcing people to like and love me. Having GODfidance means that you are willing to undergo criticism, speak your truth, and fulfill your God given mission on this ea


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