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Don’t Let Me Down Again

So a few weeks ago I was on my story talking about women who choose to wear hair weaves and got a lot of back lash. The old me would have deleted my posts and took back what I said so that people would like me but the new me said ...”fuck it, say what you feel you need to say!” So here’s the rest of what I needed to say ... I completely understand wearing weave to protect your hair but I don’t understand wearing weave to feel beautiful. Someone reading this is going to say they don’t fit into the “insecurities” category but if you wear weave more than you wear your own hair, you’re not protecting anything besides your ego. It’s a tough pill to swallow yes, but Black women have got to sto

"Ya'll Know I Only Say This Cuz I'm Truly Genuine" *Lauryn Hill voice*

I've noticed a lot of "conscious cuties" popping up on my timeline and although it's a beautiful thing to see, I have to keep it real and say... it kinda makes me cringe. You see, you can't just go picking up sage sticks, YouTubing natural product recipes, taking a few pictures yoga posing, and talking in this soft voice and call that "peace". A spiritual journey is just that, a JOURNEY. That means you don't just wake up after a day of chakra balancing and suddenly become the poster woman for sunflowers and WOMBanism. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK SIS. If there is something truly wrong in your life, your focus should be on healing from these things instead of trying to convince the world that you

"Church Folk Be Choosin"..

I know I know I know, from the title you're probably thinking, "what the hell is she about to get at?" I'll tell you exactly what I'm about to get at....... I'm about to get at the TRUTH. The TRUTH is, we all believe in a higher power so whoever told you that YOUR god was better than my god really lied to you. What's prompting this? Well last week I got attacked by a group of die hard christians who told me that I was going to hell because I don't live, eat, breath, and sleep, the Holy Bible. I spit out my water while laughing at my phone screen but then my anxiety began to speak. "What if you are actually doing this wrong Imani?", I thought. Then God himself,herself,itself (still trying to

Take a Hard Look: Acknowledge Self.

I've taken a long break! This break has caused me to take a hard look at self. The area in my life of focus has been marriage. Marriage is always going to a be priority to me because it's my first ministry. For if a man does not know how to rule his own household, how is he to take care of the church of God? I Timothy 3:5 Home will always be my first priority because if I can't have peace within how can I have peace outwardly. In pursuit of that peace sometimes when things don't go my way the timing is off I may grow frustrated. But frustration is a sign that I'm doing things in my own strength and not Gods. Home should be everyone's first priory now home can mean many things. Home cou


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