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This is Anxiety

Before you read the following, know that I am no longer in this space but I want other women to know that it is possible to pull yourself out of this state, never feel like you have to stay or even get here. Anxiety has the power to put you into such a depressive state, that you really just lose all will to live, however that is NOT where I want to see any of you, which is why I share my journey to healing. I sent this book text to my boyfriend at 2:00 in the morning ... { I’m tired. I’m tired of being strong and I’m tired of trying. I lost another job yet again and I’m back to feeling like I’m drowning. Back to no options. Back to feeling alone. Back to worrying day to day whether or not

Lost Motivation is a GOOD Sign

What do you do when no matter how much you try to work towards a better overall life, you constantly find yourself taking three steps back? I’ve learned that in those moments it’s time to regroup, reevaluate, and redo your game plan. Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is literally INSANITY, so no wonder you feel depressed when you don’t seem to be getting things done. The thing is, you actually are getting things done, you just need to change your perspective. During those times when you don’t feel creative or you’ve found yourself on day 12 of procrastinating you should be surrendering to these feelings. This is your brain telling you that it is tired

Protective Styling with Jametta 👑

Hey Sistas! The most important part of a PROTECTIVE style, is to protect your natural hair. I love a crochet because its very low maintenance AND makes it very easy to care for your scalp. I follow these steps to maintain this super easy protective style! 1. Oil and massage your scalp FREQUENTLY. This prevents a dry, itchy scalp and helps nourish your roots. 2. If you have a leave out, be sure to water and moisturize your natural hair to help blend the textures and prevent breakage. 3. Trim away any extreme tangles or matting to give the crochet a natural finish. Swipe to see what products I use to help me maintain this crochet! Be sure to check out a more detailed video on this styl

Meditation with Madi

Listen and release as SoulSista Madi guides you :) Having trouble viewing the video? Head straight to our the official SimplySoulSistas youtube page !

The Feeling...

I thought I was growing but… maybe I’m not. I had someone tell me today that the things I do are corny and that I’m full of bad energy so what did I do? Of course I went off and wanted to understand how I could be full of bad energy when throughout the ups and downs, my life overall seems to be great. Key word here… SEEMS. Being told about yourself by multiple people saying the SAME thing is a clear sign that it’s time for a G check moment. Because I am committed to growing and doing so in a healthy manner, instead of beating on myself about the fact that I was in yet another negative exchange of words, I decided to feel what I felt. I just wasn’t ready for what I felt. Some know, some don’t


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