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Social Media Cleanse for the Soul

I’ve got a challenge for you sis. Ask yourself this question the next time you start to scroll your time line…“why do I follow this person?” Seriously, following people just to follow them is NOT self care and let me tell you why. How many people do you follow make you want to be a better person? How many people make you wish you were someone else? Here’s the thing, although these questions seem to be the same, they are not. You see, someone who makes you want to be a better person makes you look at the flaws within in yourself but they don’t make you feel BAD for being who you are. Someone who makes you wish you were someone else makes you envious of the life that they have because someho

Pay Your OWN Bills

I’m not really sure who came up with this whole, “your Dad pays my bills” attitude but I’d like to meet he or she. Ladies, seriously? Come on now. I know that it makes you feel empowered to think like a man but honestly, it’s not cute to ACT like one. Now I don’t do gender roles so when I say act like one I’m just speaking in terms of attitude. It’s not in our nature as women, QUEENS, to be uncaring and conniving. I know that City Girls, Cardi B, and the likes have most of us thinking that scamming men out of their money is it but trust me, it AIN’T. Men have become hip to the fact that most girls just want money and that’s why a lot of us have been getting P L A Y E D. Now most men lure yo

Them: “Can you take your foot off my neck ?” | Me: “ HELL NO”.

Hey there reader! Long time no tea. I’ve been dealing with some thangs which is why I have not been able to write. I write what is on my mind and for the past few months I have had nothing but angry, bitter, negative thoughts to share and who the heck wants to read that ? What’s been wrong Mani you ask? LIFE. It’s like every time life doesn’t go the way I planned it I shut down and go into this depressive coma for weeks, sometimes months. It really sucks and it ain’t cute but it’s what I’m dealing with and working to get a hold of one day. As everyone knows now, bc my bitter ass can’t stop talking about it, I lost my business partner and BOY has it been an adjustment because I didn't j


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