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Wise words from a DREAM CHASER ⭐️

Sometimes a dream can feel like just that, far away, unreal, impossible. But I believe that dreams and aspirations were placed inside of you for the greater good. I believe that the desires of your heart are inevitable and there is a reason why you were chosen to want what you want. Maybe there is something, or someone that needs you to dream, chase it and fulfill your destiny. Maybe your dream is meant to encourage, or make way for others. If we think of dreams like this, we would be doing a disservice to our creator, others and ourselves by not following our dreams. Dreams are pieces of our destiny. Now lets talk reality; dreams are never easy. The bigger we dream, the more obstacles we

Letters to God Series – Letter # 2

What’s good OG? I just have to start off by saying that you’re mad funny. Every time I start thinking I know it all YOU decide to hit me with the okie doke.  Last year I wrote you a letter and wanted to wait a little while before I wrote you another one because well… I wanted to have something to write. You really are transforming me from the inside out and although the ride has been quite rocky, this time I’m LOVING the ride. I thought I started to get things figured out you know? I got over the loss of a friendship that I was letting define me and I thought that I even found a new best friend. I got over the heart break of that relationship that was haunting me and I even thought my new gu


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