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It's not them, it's YOU.

Solitude - the state or situation of being alone. Life has a way of forcing you into the solitude that you need to become who you are supposed to be. For the longest time I have ignored this fact and although I’m on a spiritual journey, the self-love part of it has been a rocky one for me. I know that I am an amazing person but I also know that I have some MAJOR quirks to work out within myself before I can become deserving of the full life that I want to live. After being read like a book by my inner self one self care Sunday, the thought just came to me, "it's not them, it's YOU." Battling anxiety and the depression that comes with it really doesn’t make getting along with others any easi

2019, are you ready ?

2018, CHECK! I’m so happy to be able to say that I completed almost every single thing on my 2018 checklist, did you? If you have not, you still have time to get started on 2019. So often we read the posts making fun of the men and women who decide to make New Years resolutions but only those people are the ones missing out on all of this SUCCESS. It’s very hard to see growth without having clear GOALS set in stone. Are you someone who procrastinated a lot? Well why don’t you make 2019 the year that you nip that in the bud. Below I’ve compiled a list of suggestions to add to your 2019 checklist. 1. Develop a morning and nightly routine - Often times we are just going through the motion

Ditch your EGO🗣

Why do we feel like it’s okay to cut people off so easily? Why do we suffer in silence and mourn the loss of friends who are alive? Why are we so sure that only our feelings matter in a situation? I’m asking you the same questions that I ask myself sometimes. There’s this post that I keep seeing that says, “I don’t want to end the year on bad terms with anyone so apologize to me”. When I first saw the post I was like “truuuuueeeee” repost, but then something stopped me. You see, it’s not always the other persons duty to fix the issue just because your feelings are hurt. Think about something, their feelings got hurt too in some cases. Now I’m not saying that every single person you have an


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