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Daddy Issues, Been There Done with that

If you follow myself and my journey, you might remember me being nervous about meeting my biological father a few months ago. Guess what? I am STILL nervous. Although I posted him for Father's day, we still have yet to have "The Meeting". A few months ago when he came to Charlotte we never met up partly because I was not the reason for his visit but also because we honestly both chickened out. Although we BOTH chickened out, I'm going to be honest in saying that I was relieved when he didn't put pressure on me to meet up. The week before our meet up I was excited and anxious but when I woke up the morning of our meeting date, I just wanted to have some reason as to why it wouldn't be feasibl

Signed , "The Strong Friend"..

Dear Friends, I know it seems like I have it all together but I don't. Yes, I am strong but sometimes I'd like to vent too. You always come to me with your problems but you never really ask me about my own. I love giving you advice and I love being there for you but have you ever thought about being there for me? Some of you only contact me when you need to vent and then shortly after, you find an excuse to get off of the phone. Some of you are fully aware of the things going on at home yet, I never get a message that reads, "how's your mom?" "You doing okay sis?" Sometimes I'm just looking for an out. If I got the chance to let it out I promise I wouldn't talk for long, just long enough to


Charlotte, NC, USA