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You Are What You Eat, No Seriously

For African Americans seeking a balanced diet that incorporates the eating habits of their African ancestors, I am here to tell you that our ancestors DID NOT have a diet rich with meats. Our ancestors promoted a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, beans, herbs, spices, and traditional sauces. It is scientifically proven that humans only began eating meat to survive when they began to lack the resources given to them on the earth and to what do we owe this? HUMAN ERROR. Tonight's post is not going to be a speech about why you shouldn't eat meat but it is going to hopefully enact a different way of thinking about what you consume. I am sure you all have seen the documentary "What the Health?" It


I want to start tonight's post off by saying that if you suffer from depression at times, you are not alone. It is hard when the world tells you you're supposed to be strong but your brain tells you it's time to give up. Tonight I'm going to let you guys into my brain on the days that things are not so "positive". As you guys know by now, like a lot of people I deal with anxiety and with that anxiety comes deep depression at times. I cannot say that I am depressed all of the time but the times that I am, it is crippling. There was a time in my life where I honestly felt like being dead would be better than being alive but I never had the guts to actually kill myself, instead I went into a de


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