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Gucci Gang, the silent killer...

So Beyonce broke the internet with her Coachella performance giving me the perfect platform to stand on and rant. If you know me you know that I am one of the most pro Black people you will ever meet. Often times people say that I am TOO woke but I honestly don't think that's possible in today's age. If anything, I'm not woke enough. Beyonce took the WHITEST concert to exist right now and turned it into a HBCU halftime show for the books. I'm quite sure the audience felt a little awkward but when you're Beyonce, you can do that. Although I am not Beyonce I hope that you do still consider my thoughts and really take the time to think about the things I am about to say. How do you perceive the

What's She Got That I Don't?

Have you ever asked yourself the question in the title? Have you ever caught yourself singing SZA's lyrics just a little TOO hard? If you've ever been the other girl and wondered why it seems you will never be chosen , I have a word that might help answer your question... s u b s t a n c e. The definition of substance is "a particular kind of matter with uniform properties". Translation, if you lack substance you might as well be empty on the inside. Do you want to date someone who is empty on the inside? No? Well neither does he. It's more than looks when you are looking for something longterm. It might seem like the girl with all of the Instagram likes of almost naked pics is winning but i


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