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Are you protective styling or hiding?

Tonight we are going to discuss a very sensitive subject, BLACK WOMEN'S HAIR. I've noticed that being natural is like the unspoken Black girl club vip pass, but not being natural does not completely kick you out of the club. In attempts to gain VIP access a lot of Black women claim to be natural, yet they hide behind their weave and label it as "protective hair styling". There are just a few things wrong with doing this. For one, you don't get to enjoy the fierceness of your short hair cut if you cover it with a wig 2 weeks after big chopping, you are not giving your hair a chance to breath, and you are actually confusing your mind into thinking you with your protective style is the best you

All Hands on Deck

I've noticed a trend within the black community and tonight I want to address it. Have you ever noticed how after a police shooting or public display of social injustice takes place EVERY brother and sister has an emotional status or meme to post? Everyone becomes riled up and the frustration with the world we live in comes to the surface. Here's the trend though, all of the posts usually stop within days or weeks of the incident everyone was angry about. Why is this? I have one idea as to why, we just DON'T care ENOUGH. Yeah we care, yeah it hurts, but nobody is really rolling their sleeves up and doing more than posting a paragraph about how unfair it is to live in America. Do you want to

Real Queens Fix Each other's Crowns

I know a good number of you have seen the above post in a meme but do you really know what that saying means? Do you actually live by that quote? Here at SimplySoulSistas we believe HIGHLY in paying it forward and there are so many different ways to do this. Tonight's post talks about the stigma that seems to exist among Black women, "competition". What is competition anyway? If you research the definition you'll find that it is the person or people with whom one is competing, especially in a commercial or sporting arena; the opposition. Do you really see your fellow sister as someone to take out during the game, or do you see her as someone who can help you win the game? You see, a lot of u


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