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Develop a Morning Routine !

Believe it or not, what you do at the beginning of your day is extremely important. I used to be someone who just woke up, threw my clothes on, and got to work just in time. For a long time I would watch people achieving their dreams and living their best lives and all I would be able to do is like the picture on instagram when someone shared their achievements. I knew deep down inside I wanted to be just like those people who were achieving there dreams but my terrible daily routine was like a huge bolder stuck between myself and the other side that held my confidence and ability to go for what I wanted. I have always liked to read and write but I usually stuck to interesting fiction and Bl

Showing All That Skin Will Not Help You Win

Tonight's post just might hit home for a lot of women reading this. To be honest with you, it hit home for myself as well. The title of tonight's blog does not insinuate that all we will be talking about is dressing half naked because we are going to get a little bit deeper. Just because you don't walk around half naked all of the time does not mean that you are out of the clearing here, if you do the infamous "show my booty to the camera" pose or make a point to show off your curves every chance that you get, this post applies to you too. I am going to give you a little background to tonights post and what has prompted me to write it. When I was in high school I was known as the brown skin

Anxiety is Not an Attitude

Anxiety is something only someone dealing with it can understand. This post is for the women who have confided in a loved one or are trying to figure out how to confide in someone concerning her anxiety. I will start off by being as real as possible when I say , NOBODY WILL REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE GOING THROUGH AND VERY FEW WILL ACTUALLY TRY. The truth is if you have not been diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder all other forms of mental instability don't matter to the average person. I know this from experience because when I confided in the people I love about what I was going through the only person that showed me they were there for me was my mother at the time. Everyone e

Social Media Does Not Dictate your Relationship

How many of you think that if he doesn't post you, you don't matter? Before I decided to grow up and see things for what they really are, I was that girl. I can honestly say that I made my past relationships harder with my constant comparing to other relationships. I wanted so bad to be that girl who could take a million pictures with my boyfriend and not have to force it or sneak them. Before finding my soulmate I was in relationships that made me feel like I was the only one who wanted the world to know I was happy. Looking back on things I realize that part of that was true but a lot of that thought was not true. I realize now that as long as I compare my relationship to the relationship


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