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So I haven't quite decided on how often I will be dropping these blogs but I do know that this post is one that is WELL overdue. I'm always posting my meditation practices and charging my stones via my insta/snap story and I get a lot of questions about what they do for me so I really wanted to hone in the topic so that I can maybe stop sending the same messages all the time (sorry ya'll it kinda get's redundant lol). I'll start off with explaining why meditating with stones/crystals is helpful and then break down the ones that I personally think one should start out with. I really hope this helps ! Just about any stone or crystal can be used for meditation, which is the beautiful thing abou

Just the beginning

To my readers, So this is my very first blog post and I feel as though I should dedicate it to the reason you're even reading this post right now. I want to be heard, but the way my anxiety and emotions are set up, I'm not the best at speaking vocally about the things that I wish to share with the world without seeming too "aggressive" ( whatever that means). I personally do not believe in gender roles but I also do not wish to ward off people that I can help and possibly connect with because I come off offensive, this is why I have created I have so many thoughts and so much to say to the world, but I would rather make my presence and world accessible to those who are inter


Charlotte, NC, USA