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Join Our Liquid Fast Group !
Sun, Nov 01
Healing Headquarters
Nov 01, 7:00 AM
Healing Headquarters
We are starting a LIQUID FAST on November 1st and you're invited to join our accountability group! Sign up for access to our recipes for the 7 days that we will fast. We will talk about how we feel and I will hold a guided meditation for the group throughout the week !

Dear Goddess, 

I don't know if you know this, but you are EXTREMELY special and although life may sometimes tell you otherwise, it is NOT true. Being a G, aka Goddess is all in the way  that you step, speak, give to the world, and take care of your body temple. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. You heal yourself so that you may heal others. You stand for something that brings value to not just yourself, but to the planet. To join our sisterhood, you must make a commitment to not just follow your heart, but listen to your SOUL. Your SOUL has a purpose and it is your life's mission to figure out how to fulfill that purpose.  In order to get started on that you must first HEAL. That is why I've created this platform for you.

If you wish to join our sisterhood,  all you have to do is get behind our cause and commit to your own self healing. We are building an army for you as well as our daughters who will soon come of age and learn to embrace their Goddess duties on earth. We are creating a safe world for the Goddess woman to not just live, but THRIVE.


- OG Goddess Blaize 

Failing to acknowledge how heavy a roll that your mental health plays in your life can create suicidal, depressed,  anxious, and non functional adults when red flags are ignored. These adults in turn develop preventable diseases and/or conditions due to the lifestyle that people living low frequency lifestyles usually develop. We've noticed a pattern in the women and young girls who are more heavily effected and that pattern is NO ACCESS or KNOWLEDGE to life saving healing techniques and tools to help unlock the magic that is already within. Once a Goddess unlocks her magic, she can create her own dream world. This is why we are on a mission to build a healing house for any Goddess looking to learn more about who she really is, how she can heal the parts of her that hurt, and how she can walk the path of her SOUL's purpose.  Until we have our healing house, you can use our tools and services online and tell other Goddesses about the movement. That is how we will grow. 



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