As a mental health warrior who fights her own battles, owner,  Imani Blaize, aka  OG Goddess Blaize will not stop until collective healing touches her people.  She focuses on healing childhood trauma, internal body health, and coping with anxiety/ depression. 


After her own near death experiences with her own mental health, God showed OG that she wasn't the only one suffering. She realized that many of her brothers and sisters are  suffering in silence everyday. This is why Blaize studies holistic living and continues to earn certifications to further her knowledge on holistic health practices. SimplySoulSistas is home for those who tend to the SOUL. 


OG creates safe spaces for healing while teaching the importance of caring for your body temple. She provides alternatives for what you can put ON and INSIDE of your temple. 


Along with amazing hand crafted products, OG promotes SELF HEALING  through  holistic living, intentional eating, inner child work, and self accountability . True healing lies within YOU and you have access to that  power 24 /7.


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Look around the site! Your soul guided you here for a reason. 


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If you would like to support OG's goals you can send a donation to $BLAIZE or PayPal . Blaize wants to open healing houses in as many areas as God will allow. Help a sista out if you are called to.

Charlotte, NC, USA