Anxiety and depression leads to more cases of suicide than most people tend to consider. 


Born in one of the roughest parts of Brooklyn,  OG Goddess Blaize knows a lot about what her people need to heal.  

OG Goddess Blaize is on a mission to create safe spaces for those who battle anxiety and depression no matter the form or reason. Having battled depression and anxiety for years, Blaize began to study what made her brain function the way it did. Learning to understand mental health and triggers helped Blaize to develop coping mechanisms to help herself as well as those who may not have access to traditional mental health therapists. Traditional therapy is often not accessible to all due to finances and that is why SimplySoulSistas Services are here.


OG wants to provide access to FREE trauma therapy in low income areas because she feels those are the people who need it the most. In the meantime, Blaize is doing what she can for the community with the help that comes from your product purchases. 


 OG Goddess Blaize is certified in holistic health practices and she can help you start your path to healing the trauma that can disrupt ones overall lifestyle. 

As someone who understands the battle that comes with anxiety, depression,  and childhood trauma, she knows the importance of  staying in your ZEN and protecting your innerGEE.

Check out her services !  

If you would like to support OG's goals you can send a donation to $BLAIZE or PayPal . Blaize wants to help as many areas as God will allow. Help a sista out if you are called to. 

Charlotte, NC, USA